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Shipping and Receiving

How do you calculate shipping costs?
On pallet load shipments we use the actual quoted transportation cost provided by the common carrier. We rely on accurate information from our customers in order to estimate carriage charges.

All smaller orders are shipped UPS Ground using published residential rates.

Are there any additional charges to deliver pallets to my house or upstairs in our office building?
Yes. Please notify us at the time of order if we are shipping to a residential address or if you require special services from the carrier. If we are later assessed accessorial charges for such things as residential, lift gate or inside delivery service, we will bill you accordingly. Failure to pay that bill could seriously harm our ability to do business with you in the future.

Does a business operating out of a home qualify as a commercial delivery address?
No. A residential delivery is defined as delivery to a location that is a home including a business operating out of a home that does not have an entrance open to the public.

Do you have a handling charge for small orders? How do you protect individual cartons?
All smaller orders are shipped UPS Ground using published residential rates. We are experts on the UPS system and as such over package all master cartons into a new 200# test corrugated box with Styrofoam peanuts on all six sides. This process is expensive and labor intensive; however, our extremely low damage rate justifies our investment. We charge our customers a nominal fee of $4.00 per order for this service in addition to the actual UPS Ground residential shipping charges.

What happens if my shipment comes damaged?
If your shipment is obviously damaged at the time of attempted release, you should refuse the delivery. If you decide to accept the delivery, you must inspect the packages in front of the UPS or motor freight driver and note specific damages on the bill of lading or UPS shipping document. If you find damage, please contact us. While we make every reasonable effort to protect our product during transport, occasionally some damage may occur. We monitor reports of damage in order to identify specific destinations where damage seems to occur.

Can I get any money back for damaged or broken jars?
In order to receive any credits or refunds for damaged or broken jars, you must provide us with a digital photo showing all the broken jars and lids and file an accurate damage claim with the appropriate freight carrier. We offer the following options for dealing with occasional damage:

  1. We will credit your account for the value of the broken jars towards your next order.
  2. We will send you a refund for the unit cost of the broken glass only if the total breakage value exceeds US$10.00.


Order, Payments and Turnaround

What are your payment terms?
All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

Do you accept debit or credit cards? Will you take a personal check?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express and any debit cards that process through MasterCard or Visa. Personal and company checks are also accepted, but we must wait for them to clear prior to shipping your order. Money orders, wire transfers and bank checks will be treated as cash.

What is your minimum order?
Our minimum order is a master carton except for jars costing under $1.00. In that case the minimum order is 24.  This is due to the high cost of picking and packing.   This helps hold labor costs down and takes advantage of the excellent packaging job done by the manufacturer to prevent breakage and other damages.

Do you offer price breaks? Can I get discounts based on larger quantity orders?
We offer four normal levels of pricing:  1-499 jars, 500-999 jars, 1000-1999 jars and 2000 jars or more. Starting prices (from 1-499 jars) are published directly on our website.  You can place orders anytime it's convenient for you, day or night. Please also keep in mind that ordering by the pallet, both mixed styles and single style, will dramatically reduce your landed cost per piece.

Once I place an order, how long does it take for my glass to leave your warehouse?
We make every attempt to ship orders received before 12:00PM EST the same day. Because we have arranged to have our carriers pick up as late in the day as possible, we frequently ship orders received as late as 3:00PM the same day. In no event will we require more than 24 hours to process and ship your order unless the items you requested are not in stock or on back order.

How will I be notified when my order has been shipped?
For individual package movements, if you have provided us with a valid email address at the time of your order, UPS will send you a tracking number and a hyperlink to the tracking portion of their website as soon as the shipment is scanned into the UPS Worldship system.

For pallet shipments, we can offer you a PRO# off of the bill of lading which is used by the carriers to track the movements of motor freight cargo across the country. Please call for tracking information if you need to make special arrangements with the carrier prior to delivery.

How much inventory do you carry? Will you have a consistent supply of the jars I need?
We utilize over 30,000 square feet of quality candle glass warehoused in New England. Although we try to anticipate customer demand and ensure that the styles and sizes you want are in stock in sufficient quantities, we do run out of certain items occasionally. We order from Libbey and Anchor Hocking very frequently and enjoy next day delivery from their factory.  For China products we usually have replacement inventory on the water moving towards us when this happens, meaning replenishment is less than 30 days away. Large quantity orders may be reserved and set aside. However, to ensure that reserved product is available when you need it, you must request an email from us confirming any such arrangement. Call us for more details.
Product Quality and Packaging
Are all your glass jars made in the same factory?
At this time, in addition to American made Libbey products and those of Anchor Hocking, The Jar Store imports from several different Mainland China vendors that suppl yhigh quality machine blown and machine pressed glass containers. Typically, glass jar manufacturers in China will specialize in only one type of production method.

What kind of quality control do you have in place?
The Jar Store employs a full-time QC staff in China that is responsible for conducting onsite quality assurance during every production run. Additionally, we also maintain a Beijing office and a local warehouse in order to create a secondary pass through for evaluating outgoing shipments and to ensure that only the highest quality glass jars are kept in stock for our candle making patrons.

What cleaning procedures do you use onsite?
A combination of powerful industrial washing machines and off-conveyor manual polishing procedures ensure that our candle glass clean and well packaged prior to arrival.

How are the candle jars packaged?
All jars are packaged by the manufacturer to our specifications, usually between 12 and 48 units per master carton. Within each master carton, the jars are further packaged in inner cases containing a dozen jars.

What is written on the side of the boxes?
Standard carton markings are as follows:

Candle Packing Jars
Item No:
Made in China


I just received my order and two of the packages had the wrong jars. Can I get new jars?
If we make an error we will correct it to your complete satisfaction at no cost to you. Please contact us immediately if you didn't receive the correct jars in your shipment.

What is your product returns policy?
If you are not happy with the jars we send, we will gladly accept the return and refund the cost of the product. We require a Return Authorization which is obtainable by calling us. You must pay for the return freight and repackage the product so it reaches us in good condition. Your refund will reflect a 15% charge to cover packaging and restocking expenses. Failure to obtain a Return Authorization prior to returning merchandise may result in higher return charges. Note that we will only accept complete cartons of jars in their original condition and packaging.  Unused boxes of wax will be accepted provided that no damage occurs during shipping and handling.

All breakage and request for returns must be made within thirty (30) days of receipt. Claims for breakage or product return requests will not be considered after this period.

Is there a penalty for canceling an order?
Any order may be cancelled prior to shipping without charge. Once shipped, you may return the shipment which will then be subject to our Returns policy.

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