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Enhance your line.

Imagine having a beautiful, enhanced line. How about that high-end look? Bring your line to the next level, turn heads, and increase sales.

Better your impression on retailers.

Want retailers to sit up and take notice? Use the highest quality glass that is perfectly suited for your application. Make your product stand out so that it sells more and retailers are more likely to carry it.

Command a premium and still sell more.

The Jar Store jars allow you to charge an average of 35% more and yet still increase sales! Sounds paradoxical, doesn't it? The truth is, we have seen this happen time and time again.

Increase shelf appeal.

Want more eyes on your jars? Jars with high shelf appeal command a premium and move more quickly. Our jars allow you to differentiate your products in order to achieve this.

Increase your cash flow.

Just ask us and we'll show you how to time your shipments and set up the right payment method so that you can be moving as much inventory as possible before you even have to pay for it.

Take away all inventory worry.

Fast turns and same day shipping take away all worry about inventory. Remove any uncertainty or frustration you may have felt in the past by relying on us as your just-in-time glass jar supplier.

Enjoy peace of mind.

All glass is packed safely giving you ultimate peace of mind and freedom from worry. Relax in comfort, knowing your glass jars are guaranteed every step of the way.

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