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Pot of Gold Mason Jar

4 Glass Jars to Show Your Stroke of Luck for St. Patrick’s Day: 4 Glass Jar Gifts & Crafts

Sometimes we need more than good luck. Sometimes we need a pot of gold creation in a jar or a nice cake parfait to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the best way. Read on to see original crafts and gift in jar creations that you can recreate yourself in honor of this holiday.

Because sometimes we need more than good luck. Sometimes we need good jars filled with chocolate coins, sea moss, parfaits, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

It was more than a stroke of luck that we were able to find these cool St. Patrick’s Day themed gift-in-jar creations. It took some fun digging in high and low places on the web, but we think we’ve found the pot of gold in these discoveries. (Editor Note: No, not literally. Sorry, we’d keep that discovery to ourselves.)

Speaking of pots of gold…

1. Pot of Gold Ball Mason Jar

Do you like chocolates? The supplies are simple enough. Just 3 bags of gold candy, a quality mason jar like this 8 oz Anchor Smooth Sided Jelly Jar with 2 Piece Lid-12 Pack, black acrylic paint, gold twine, and a tag are all that you need. The twine and tags are to place your creative message to the gift receiver. Get creative and as sentimental or silly as you want. The black paint will represent the pot and the final touch of the golden candy chocolate coins dropped inside completes this creation. (Tip: If you want to put your own spin onto this concept and don’t mind letting go of your appetite, how about golden nuggets instead of golden coins? Just find some small rocks and paint them accordingly.)

Furthermore, these glass jars bulk have eleven more in the bunch just in case you don’t have much luck (yes, we did have to put that pun in here) on the first go at this.

And because we have to give credit where credit’s due (and infiltrate a second pun while the opportunity presented itself): Polka Dot Chair came up with this cool and easy idea.

2. Ireland in a Jar

Are you an Irishman (or woman) missing your homeland? Or are you a third generation Celtic with a grandfather or grandmother who is missing their green mossy pastures? Well, while we can’t take them to Ireland, we can bring Ireland to them. This thoughtful gift-in-jar creation from the appropriately named Country Living allows you to customize as much as you want or as little as you want.

Find a good, tall glass jar like a popular 12 oz Mayo Jar and fill it with a landscape filled with moss, rocks and gravel, sheep made from felt, and whatever else you can recall your grandfather mentioning about his yesteryear in Ireland.  To put a twist on this idea, how about adding in complete miniature pastoral artifacts like cattle and goats and cottages. Maybe even drop in a traditional Irish treat too. Make it your grandpa’s or grandpa’s favorite.

3. Low Fat Parfait

This treat from The Girl Creative is an instant hit with the foodies out there who might have a bit of a health nut within them. Of course, if you’re not counting calories, go ahead and modify with the regulars. All it takes is some good green food coloring, fat free whipped cream, a box of cake mix, and a Diet Sprite. Oh, and a nice sized, single serving glass jar like a 4 oz Straight Sided Jar CT that allows for complete product removal. In this case, that would mean maximum scooping of yummy cake.

If you want to modify this treat a bit into a breakfast option, then simply color some yogurt green, drop in granola and chopped fruit, and top it with a spoon.

4. Bailey’s Irish Cream Candles

Talk about creative! This non-edible conception from Candle Lit Desserts looks good enough to eat with a scent that doesn’t help. It is perfumed with actual Bailey’s Irish Cream and of course would go best in a 8 oz Libbey Heavy Base Rocks. Any other candle jar wouldn’t be right.

The whipped cream topping is actually whipped and hardened white wax with a waxed 4 leaf clover artifact placed on the top to complete the look. Try it out for yourself!

Now, with some ideas to go off of, either recreate them or make your own version, and share your finished product on IG with the tag #jarstore. And good luck!


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