4 Ways To Use Jars At Your Wedding

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4 Ways To Use Jars At Your Wedding

Jars for Table Placements
Jar Uses at Weddings

Wedding season is upon us, and Jar Store’s jars are being used in countless ways! The beauty with jars is they’re essentially a blank canvas – just use imagination! You can wrap jars in lace, tie ribbons around them, use pearls and other beads, paint them in glitter… the list goes on and on! Happy wedding season!

1. Drinks

Serve your favorite spring cocktail in mason jars for your guests! We recommend a Lillet Rosé cocktail (bottle of fruity Lillet Rosé paired with tart grapefruit juice and a splash of gin) or a berry mocktail (handful of berries, mint sprigs, an organic lime, splash of agave, club soda, ice). Yum!

Jars for Drinks
Photo Credit: Inspiring Pretty

2. Table Placements

“Where do I sit? What table am I at?” Remove these silly questions by using mason jars as your table placements! Fill the jars with water and bright, springtime flowers and tie the table placement around it. It’s a decoration with purpose!

Jars for Table Placements
Photo Credit: One Wed

3. Candles

A fun and elegant idea for an indoor/outdoor wedding is using candles! To keep the area safe, feel free to use fairy lights or LED tea candles in basic large jars for a classic effect. You can wrap ribbons or lace around the jars for a soft, wedding look!

Jars for Wedding Lighting
Photo Credit: One Wed

4. Desserts

Serve individual desserts in mason jars for an adorable wedding treat; these desserts could be used as gifts for guests to take home or as the dinner dessert! Some fun dessert ideas include a cupcake-in-a-jar, mini blueberry pies, s’mores in a jar, or no-bake strawberry cheesecake! Is your mouth watering, too?

Dessert Jars
Photo Credit: Flat Broke Bride

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