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A Leap into Spring: Groundhog Day Parfait (in a Jar)!

Since we all love longer days of sun and getting one step closer to spring…

How about Groundhog Day Parfaits?! Using Danish pastries as the base in a fitting jar, you can’t go wrong on this sweet bite. If Danish isn’t your thing, you can always substitute with another pastry of choice that blends well, perhaps a pound cake.

We’re all ready for our favorite seasonal critter to appear. But if you’re ready to make that groundhog appear ahead of time, then let’s get to it with this parfait in a jar! (Pst. This is a great concept for crafts with kids or recipes for kids.

The Ingredients & Supplies

Danish or other selected pastry of choice

Chocolate (or vanilla) pudding

Chocolate-filled Danish butter cookies (or any simple shortbread or butter-based cookie will do. This butter cookie will be used as the groundhog’s body.)

Dark brown crushed cookies (Again, any simple shortbread or butter-based cookie will do. Yet we’d suggest just going with some more of the aforementioned butter cookies here or opting for vanilla/shortbread cookies all across the board for this recipe since it blends so well. Maybe you might want to even consider mixing with dark brown sugar. The darker the brown, the better since this ingredient is meant to emulate the dirt from which the groundhog will pop up out of your parfait.)

Edible, confectionary white sprinkles (These will act as the groundhog’s teeth on the singular, uncrushed cookie that will act as the groundhog’s body.)

Icing in brown, black, and pink (The brown icing will act as the groundhog’s eyes in dots. The black icing dotted on will act as the nose. The pink icing will be the mouth.)

4 oz Straight sided jar. You can choose to put your parfait in a mason jar as well, but straight sided jars are perfect for scooping out the very last bit of product, in this case, your parfait! Or you can opt for our jelly jars that are great for food products.

The Recipe

  1. Cut your Danish (or other selected pastry) into 1″ cubes
  2. In your straight sided jar, place down a layer of the pastry, followed by pudding, & then of cookies. Repeat this layering until the jar is full, preferably ensuring that the cookies layer is the final one to act as the dirt from which your groundhog cookie will pop out in the final step.
  3. Decorate the top half of a full butter or shortbread cookie with the icing and sprinkles. Create two dots spaced across from one another in brown icing for the groundhog’s eyes. Directly below in the middle of the two brown eyes, dot black icing to be the nose. Around the black dot/nose, in a bowtie fashion, squeeze pink icing around. This is the groundhog’s cheek/mouth area. Now, take two full white sprinkles and stick them right under the nose, in the pink area on the top row for the groundhog’s buckteeth.
  4. Place the complete groundhog cookie halfway in the top of the layered parfait.

Enjoy! You have completed your Groundhog Day parfait in a jar and can now reap the benefits of your hard (and fun!) work.

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