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Add a Spring To Your Business Steps

Whether by reimagining trademark scents, brand colors, or outer packaging that their products are delivered in, ensure booming success for your brand with these latest color, flavor, scent, and packaging design trends of 2021.

3 Key Moves To Boost Your Products’ Following & Glassware Creations This Spring 2021

Just as you break out into a new health routine at the turn of the winter season, your business and products like to be revitalized as well. With spring just under a month away, many creators and business leaders are or already have finished enhancing their product lines by introducing new seasonal, limited-time items, completely rebranding themselves and their items, or packing and holding onto their 2020 items to now sell them this year (Gap, Inc, anyone?); all of these being moves representative of a time where it has proven itself to be necessary. Whether by reimagining trademark scents, brand colors, or outer packaging that their products are delivered in, creators have been utilizing any and all of these current industry tricks of the trade, and now we’re going to provide you some tips to master the game as well and have your creations win this spring and beyond with flavor trends, color trends, digital trends, packaging design trends, and fragrance trends of 2021.

It all depends on how you move your chess pieces (or in this instance, your glass jar lids, wicks, funnels, and what have you) in three key surefire ways. It all depends on:


When it comes to sourcing new product prepping tools and supplies that will make their creations more perfected and quickly made to that perfection, it’s a business move that only makes sense. Investing in your craft will naturally make others invest in you because they see the quality and devotion.

So, what are some top trending supplies you should look into for creating your next candle scent, cucumber melon lotion, or Easter table décor (because April will be here before we all know it)? Here is what we discovered as key tools that can help especially candle makers, jam creators, and even soap makers out there (Don’t worry, DIYers and décor crafters out there. We have you covered in the next step!):


Choosing the right pot is the most important, first step in cooking and warming down your hard soap blocks, super thick, viscous wax, and marmalades into a liquefied form that will allow it to easily be strained, poured, and what have you into your jars and bottles. If the pot is too small, your product will overfill the pot and make cooking longer; if it is too thin, the bottom of your mixture will scorch. Therefore, consider stick-resistant, stainless steel stock pots like this All-Clad model, which comes in a wide variety of sizes and is extremely durable for long product-making sessions. How does it maintain this durability?

  • Its 3-ply bonded, stainless steel has an aluminum core for even heating throughout
  • Its highly polished cooking surface with starburst finish is stick-resistant and non-food reactive; furthermore, it is BPA-free to help keep your food product even better
  • Contoured stainless-steel handles permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets with its capacity etched on base so that you never put too much inside of it at once
  • Oven-and broiler-safe up to 600 degrees F (without lid)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe for extended and constant cleaning

And in a time where everyone is trying to support their own country’s economy, it is made in the USA!

Wax Melters

If you are a candlemaker or soapmaker, you know how crucial this piece of equipment is as a preliminary part of your process.

Heating wax and glycerin can be achieved without overheating or burning inside of a small steel 5 gallon bucket or similar-shaped container of the same material thanks to the even heat distribution of Powerblanket ®’s Wax Blanket. Easily wrap the blanket around your wax-filled container and turn on the heat to melt wax for candle making and glycerin for soap and cosmetics. Here are other advantages of having such an equipped yet safe performer:

  • Can be used with an external digital thermostat to remotely regulate the wax heater’s temperature as you move to-and-fro along your other tasks such as prepping other steps in your candle making and soap making process
  • Includes a buckle and strap to ensure a snug fit around your steel bucket
  • The preset thermostat reaches 200° F to give a controlled, maximum product temp. of 185° F
  • Certified to UL, CSA & CE safety standards


Stainless steel comes up again here due to its cleanliness and resilience. And when it comes to transferring your fruit preserves, honey, jams, wax, and soaps, keeping everything as clean as possible is definitely appreciated and cuts down time. One highly suggested is this stainless steel funnel set of three different sizes: small, medium, and large for your full product transferring needs.

Each of the three funnels is equipped with an indent (air release channel), which allows the funnels to vent and the contents to flow better. But it does more than move your base products. It can also be used for adding other special non-liquid touches to your products if you desire such as powders and spices into jars and bottles. Its multifaceted capabilities are a score.


This is the part every creator, retailer, and business owner loves the most, right? creating the product that will sell and win over people! From spring the upcoming, most favored spring scents and essential or fragrance oils for the new candle, body butter, or bath product you have up your sleeve to most seasonal flavors this spring for your next jam to the most popular colors representing this 2021 season for your next tabletop décor and the like, here are some of the top trends we’re seeing in it all:

The Smells

It’s all about capturing the season while also doing so with a fresh twist (and yes, fresh is a fragrance you’ll want your products this spring to emit, as well as sum up, the essence of the season that is all about new life). Remember to aim for 100% natural and undiluted oils that will offer maximum quality, maximum purity scent while also being tested for skin use so that your consumers of all types, even sensitivities, can enjoy your product if it is topical. Fresh, raw versions of these scents (whether as plucked petals or ripe seeds) work just as fine.

  1. Orange Patchouli Fragrance Oil

Fruity and woodsy collide in a scent that makes perfect sense for a season that is all about the budding of fresh flowers and the re-growth of all types of vegetation. Plus, orange, and citrus in general, also hits one with a feeling of life and energy.

  • Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Peppermint, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and (More!) Sweet Orange Fragrances

The reason we grouped these together is for those of you who engage in aromatherapy yourself and/or offer such candles, bath salts, and the like to your customers. These oils are the core go-to’s that should always be in one’s arsenal, for spring and onward, because they are notorious in their therapeutic, relaxing properties.

Therapy in a jar by smell
Vintage glass bottle with aroma lavender bath salts for exfoliation scrubs, foot soaks, and the like

Not to mention, they each have very refreshing smells. After winter, the environment needs a pick-me-up called spring. These scents are the expression of that. Give your consumers a pick-me-up guaranteed with these eight oils or scents.

  • Jasmine and Honeysuckle

If you’re aiming to go more floral with your spring product line, which is what the season is all about, then this fragrance blend should be considered. Whether you decide to pour it into your new body wash creation or your latest candle variety, the freshness of jasmine mixed with the exoticness of honeysuckle will instantly transport your consumer into the richest botanical garden. Crafters out there who create atmospheric items like air fresheners, lanterns, tabletop centerpieces, and the like, this is your gateway to elevate your product and truly set the scene for your customer. They will literally feel like they have stepped into the botanical garden with both their noses and their feet.

The Tastes

If you offer innovative spice blends and seasonings, jams, jellies, sauces, beverages, and the like, knowing what latest flavors people’s taste buds are being captivated by this year will be to your benefit. Plus, half of the fun will come in the kitchen as your taste-testing your newest product line additions. However, more than making your concepts taste good, they should also be good for your consumers since according to a predictor 2021 flavor trends guide by Novotaste, “Consumers are most concerned about how trendy foods taste, what they cost and how good they are for their health. Consumers are taking a proactive approach to nourishing their bodies and minds, and flavor will continue to support the growth of better-for-you offerings.” So let’s explore.

  1. Aji Amarillo
Key geographical regions of the latest food discovery for 2021 can be found in South America, West Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and Southeast Asia, Aji Camarillo, a yellow chile pepper hailing from Peruvia, is one flavor causing waves.

Aji amarillo, aji meaning ‘chili pepper’ and amarillo meaning ‘yellow’ in Spanish, is considered part of the Peruvian “holy trinity” when it comes to their cuisine, along with garlic and red onion. It rounds off every dish with the right flavor that it needs.

With the revitalized sunlight and crops emerging all around, early grilling will begin before we all know it, and in the non-Midwest and Northeastern parts of the country it more than likely never really seized. So now is the time more than ever to capitalize off of the highly popular seasonal pastime. Keep your product offering booming and your business busy with this South American spice that goes well on grilled fish or even on the rim of a paired margarita one will enjoy to finish it all off.

Take advantage of the season by expanding your grill products. Pictured here: Barbecue white grouper with chimichurri sauce, aji amarillo, and mango chutney as top view in a green banana leaf

Speaking of drinks…

  • Black Lime

Since it is also predicted that food service operators and establishments will try to draw consumers in by incorporating and highlighting ingredients in their new menu offerings that elicit surprising sensory reactions like sweet limes, habanada, and Sichuan buds, this spice is right on the mark. Citrus is hardly a new visitor to the culinary world as a great garnish and enhancement to foods; however, fermented citrus can be a new discovery for you. Known as black lime from where it hails in the Middle East, the tangy-sweet flavor goes most noticeably well with gins and tonics.

  • Cumin, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, And Coriander (a.k.a. Garam Masala)

It is being discovered that tikka masala is all the craze as of late. Why not join the train by creating a unique blend for the Indian comfort dish, using these core ingredients as the starter base? Your customers will thank you for it.

  • Passionfruit

With the key geographical regions of the latest food discovery being in South America, West Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and Southeast Asia, as well as remembering that consumers want as health-conscious foods as possible, what better flavor to add into the mix than Vitamin-C and fiber-packed, Brazil-hailing passionfruit? The sweet, seeded produce is not only good on the taste buds, but it is a known digestive stimulant and also a source of treatment for gastric cancer. It also makes the 2021 grade for one of the top fruits and vegetables projected to be on menus everywhere.

Non baked cheesecake with mango and passionfruit spells epic tastiness.

Honorable mention: Lavender. And yes, it can be eaten.

The Looks

Yes, color trends are for more than just the fashionistas and clothing pioneers out there. For the crafters, DIYers, and decorators who dress up their glassware for all sorts of gift baskets, event tables, and more, it is widely understood that being on-trend applies to containers too. Here are some of the key trends one can expect to see this spring and that your customers do expect to see in the trimmings, paints, lace, twine, and what have you on your gift and craft products.

  1. Sweet Vibrancy: Lemon, Lavender, Cool Green, and Pink

Lavender makes yet another appearance because it is the quintessential representation of spring. Paired with other trademark colors of the season, you have a go-to palette to stem off of for your product dressings. Straight from Pantone, here are the exact shades that should be utilized:

14-2116: Fairy Wing

13-6030: Carnival Glass

12-0660: Lemon Fizz

14-3902: Dream of Cotton

13-0240: Tomatillo

11-0610: Silence

If you want to kickstart summer colors as is a wise thing to do, then Pantone has this to say about their suggested floral scheme known as Summer Bouquet:

“Pale hazy petals combine with exotic pinks and an herbal green to create a fresh summer palette that celebrates the positivity and happiness of colors from nature.”

Head over to their Spring/Summer 2021 Color Trend Highlights guide to see the exact shades that make up this blend as well as a few other ones that will set the tone for your brand’s new items (all puns intended),

At the end of the day, while knowing the trends and taking advantage of incorporating them into your brand’s product offering is always a way to remain relevant, the further way to keep on top is by being a trendsetter and unique creator. Utilize these scents, flavors, and designs to awaken your creative juices towards elevated concepts and build off of them!


This step is two-fold in terms of looking at what type of outer packaging you hand off to customers and also what type of remote, digital perks you hand to them as well. Let’s visit the packaging first by looking at top packaging design trends of 2021 being exhibited by innovators out there:

The Physical Experience: The Packaging

  1. Tiny illustrated patterns that reveal what’s inside

This means that if you create jams, all outside of your packaging should be well-jam! All shapes, sizes, but preferably ones that look as close to the jams you’ll be offering should be inside. If you create pet-friendly shampoos, then you’d better have cute pets, soap suds, and tubs all over your carton or bag-whatever you sell in. Making it plain as day what you have created let’s your customers and any future ones who happen to pass by during the hand-off or pickup spells easy, impactful, memorable advertising.

  • Organically shaped color blocking
Something sweet? Sprinkles. Check. Wavy frosting. Check.

This is another great, creative way to show what product is inside of your packaging. If your product is very natural (whose isn’t in 2021?) such as using botanicals and essential oils and the like, then creating blocks of color with said plant leaves, berries, and the like artistically capture what you have to offer and relay it to your recipient quickly at the same time.

  • Product names front and center

Here is another plain as day advertising approach. If you have a compelling product creation or want to really champion and broadcast a new one with standout creative lettering and drawings that personify (and thus, personify your brand and business!), this is a suggested way to go.

  • Solid all-over color

Sometimes, keeping it simple (especially in a world that is always promoting flash) is the most outspoken way to go. If you need to drive home your brand’s colors, newest rebranded colors, or seasonal items, a solid color will do the trick. When surrounded by a medley of other textiles, patterned, illustrated, and other packaging designs, one strong, monochrome look will definitely stand out. It’s said that it’s better to move in silence. This couldn’t be more true.

To sum it up: Make your packaging stand out but do so in a new way.

The Digital Experience: The Service

Get with the Digital Times, By Getting Your Head Into the Cloud

We get that you’re a dreamer and creator. That’s what has you here today creating products. If you haven’t gone cloud yet in terms of business organizational platforms for your brand though, now is the time for your business-critical operations such as emails, ordering, and the like. According to TechRepublic in their recent “5 ways digital business will change in 2021” article, there is an expectancy for a “further 50% of enterprises to make cloud-centric transformation a priority, moving business-critical operational apps and all experience apps into the cloud” in 2021 over the already robust transitions shown in 2020.

Seamless operations for you mean seamless shopping experiences for your customers. A win/win. So is optimizing your personalization. If you think you have uncovered the most about your consumer types, go deeper. Learn each type in-and-out so well that every email you send out with personalized product recommendations for them based on what they’ve purchased from you before (and yes, you should have an email list and be sending such correspondence out to your customers every week!), every social media post you make (again, you should have this in your business plan and be making weekly posts out of your Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or whatever other platforms you have), every message you send to your audience is received and responded to with a purchase!

That Includes Your Website, Your Virtual Home Shop Away from Home: Squeaky Clean, Browsing Capable, and Customer-Friendly

Also, your online store should just be as quick, easy, and visually compelling to experience as it would be if you were set up in your traditional vendor spot at a farmer’s market pre-COVID. Even when lockdowns are lifted, some customers might understandably be hesitant in visiting your space physically, and that is even more reason to still maintain a great, clean selling space virtually. You should have product search filters and a navigation menu so easy for your site visitor and customer to understand, pick and discover certain scents, flavors, sizes, and what else have you as easy as it would be selecting it physically off your shelf in your storefront or off your table at your farmer’s market stand.

Get a Curbside Pickup Live Notification System: Customer Service Still Exists Outside Your Shop

If you are one who is still selling physically in your local area and want to maintain or elevate that business (as we’re sure all retailers, boutique owners, and crafters do), then ensuring and fostering the idea of safety and seamless pickup is the most essential at this time. There are many great email automation platforms and software out there, many that include real-time capabilities and yes, are cloud-based, that can allow you to set up curbside pickup emails to your customer before and after the experience. Inform your customer each step of the way as soon as he or she places his or her order about how quickly the order is expected to be ready, where exactly to pick up the order upon arrival at your selling space, and even what protocols in social distancing and cleaning that your shop has in place.

Target is one of the leading brands whose 2020-pioneered curbside pickup service and communications have turned new customers into loyal ones.

Post-pickup, send out a Thank You email as a follow-up on their experience. Ask how the experience was for them (maybe even offer a discount on their next order if they complete an optional survey about it to entice them to come back) then end the email with a mention of some related products that they might be interested in next time, or even an auto-refill on the products they just purchased. A day or two later send a follow-up email asking them how the product is working for them or what suggestions they’d like to offer (maybe for you, the survey incentive will work better here.) From gaining their insights on how to make tweaks, you’ll then apply those enhancements to your new products and distribute them. Again, this will bring them back because you showed that you cared and noted specifically that customer’s well-being, preferences, and feedback. With your enhanced, new product that suits your consumers, you have a product you know can sell.

Whether you physically, digitally, or simultaneously revitalize your brand’s products and business (and we do highly suggest doing both), keeping these trends in mind and independently keeping these discoveries on your radar will allow for guaranteed new and continued success for your business.

Happy creating in this year and onward!


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