Back to School..Organized

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May 2, 2017
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Back to School..Organized

Back to School Supplies

Whittling away at the shopping list,  getting the important stuff on the calendar are sure signs back to school is in full swing at my house. It feels like school just let out, but before we know it that first morning bell will be ringing again.

I’ve tried tons of ways to help my kiddo stay organized for school. Some ending in a humorous mess and others have been a saving grace. It all started four years ago. 

I drew my line in the sand, after looking for and finding the same pair of scissors every night for a week.  To google I went looking for a solution. I ended up on Pinterest studying homework stations. If you aren’t familiar, homework stations are awesome! They are something at kept at home to help keep all the homework doing items together, in one place.

Our homework station has been a huge help in keeping the kitchen way more sane amid the chaos of the school year. I change it up every year based on what we need, the space we have and of course what the kiddo thinks.

There are tons of ideas for back to school organizing and homework stations, these are few that have been great for us over the years.

Homework Station Turntable –

I love this one because well…it’s super fun! I mean come on it spins, who wouldn’t love it. Besides the awesome spinning the fact that the canning jars can be taken off and cleaned when needed is a huge plus. More involved than others,  we tired but we loved it.

Simple Homework Caddy –

This idea for this homework caddy is from It has been a staple in our household ever since. Hands down, the flexibility and size of this one has worked best for us. It can be moved anywhere with out anything falling over, the mason jars can be taken out and washed as needed and it’s durable enough to last a whole school year, even in my house.

Back to School Organized - Homework Cart

Ikea Raskog Homework Station –

If this one hadn’t scared my dogs, we’d still be using it. Multiple levels of shelving, completely portable and my favorite part its versatility. Different sized mason and storage jars can moved around washed when needed plus they’re super durable.

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