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Brand Your Candle Business with Unique Packaging

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At Jar Store we take pride in offering a diverse range of shapes and sizes of our high quality glassware to fit the needs of your business. Learn more about how jar shapes can solidify your branding and help you stand out:

How Jar Shapes Can Help Solidify Your Brand

You may look out across the vast ocean of small businesses and feel a bit intimidated, which is absolutely justified. There’s a lot of competition out there, and while you’re building your brand it can feel like it’s almost impossible to stand out among the other businesses that are vying for your potential customers. 

We’ve got one easy tip for branding: uniquely shaped packaging. Glass jars come in tons of shapes and sizes, (trust us, we’ve seen them all), and you can utilize those shapes and sizes to make your brand recognizable!

Is Branding Important for a Small Business? Absolutely!

Consistency is key. When you think about some of the most successful brands in the world, they all have consistent shapes, styles, and colors that signify and symbolize their brand. Every iPhone has an apple on the back, every McDonald’s has the golden arches, and every Starbucks has the mermaid…siren…girl. 

What does your brand have that sets it apart from the other candles on the shelf? Is there a consistent style that you carry across all of your products, so when people skim over your items they think to themselves “Oh hey, I recognize this!”?

If you’re already selling your products in glass jars, why not nail down a unique jar shape? Not quite convinced? Think about honey.  While honey itself isn’t necessarily a brand, you do likely associate honey with the little bear shaped containers (which we also offer, by the way!). It’s just an easy method to distinguish which product you’re going to find, and it’s a process that you can adopt too!

The following small business owner’s style guide outlines several options that anyone can easily incorporate into their brand strategy.

Sleek and Modern Glass Jars

Staying at the cutting edge of design is an excellent strategy to let your customers know that you’re in tune with current sensibilities and that you’re aware of trends. The thought of “modern” design conjures minimalistic imagery, simple or muted color palettes, and digestible product design. Pair these with a simple, minimalist label and you’ll be off to a great start. Modern jars are very popular and look great with any décor.

We offer a wide variety of jars that give you the modern look that you desire, including: 

Complete your modern look by using white wax and a simple, minimal white or black label. A rectangle, square, or arched label would best suit the modern feel. We recommend our black lid to best accomplish the modern look you desire. These also look great with no lid. 

An extra, added bonus of a modern design is that your products will blend into almost any home, giving you a wide audience to work with.

Rustic Mason Jars and Glass Apothecary Jars

Candle jar

Maybe instead of modern and minimalist, you’re into more of a classic and timeless style. If so, a rustic style jar might be the match for you! Wrapped in twine and paired with earth tones, these more country-style jars will fit nicely with a more classic aesthetic. 

Rustic style candles are some of our personal favorites, and our apothecary jars are the perfect match. These jars are offered in a variety of sizes including 8oz, 15oz, 22oz, and 31oz. 

Select our brushed silver or cork lid to pair with this gorgeous jar. Cork lids are 100% natural and perfectly fit the rustic feel. Mason jars and straight sided jars also accomplish this look.

Rustic styled jars to adorn your products:

    • Country comfort apothecary jars/storage jars: 8oz, 15oz, 22oz, and 31oz.
    • Small mason jars and straight sided jars: 4oz, 8oz
    • Larger mason jars and economy jars: 12oz, 16oz

To completely fulfill the rustic feel, use a label printed on kraft paper and a wood wick or a normal wick.

Clean and Classic Glass Vessels

Classic jars are somewhat similar to modern jars, but a little more fun! For a bit of a middle ground between modern and rustic, a clean and classic style is what you’re looking for. Picture Art Deco inspired art, with its dazzling gold colors and striking patterns. 

Whereas modern style is essentially all clean lines, black, and white, a classic style looks great with lightly colored wax or even a textured jar like our 9oz Anchor Cross-Hatch Rocks Glass. Essentially, we’re shooting for something that won’t blend in as much as a modern style, but could be used as more of a centerpiece or jar to be displayed. Go with this type of style if you want to draw some more attention, but without becoming garish or tacky.

Lily-Flame Candle
Example: Lily-Flame

Some classic jars include: 

Thanks for reading!

We hope that this easy style guide helped you along on your brand journey. Ideally, you’ll have your consistent brand nailed down in no-time at all. The only thing we ask is that you don’t forget about us once you get on Apple’s level! For even more branding tips, keep an eye out for our upcoming labeling blog, and have fun creating!

Once you have your brand ready, share a pic with us on social media! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to see what you come up with!


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