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Can candles break glass with heat? | Jar Store

Can Candles Break Glass with Heat?

Can candles break glass with heat? You may be worried that the flame in your candle may crack or shatter your glass jar, but rest assured, you probably have nothing to worry about.

Back in the day, you used to see tons of free-standing candles, that weren’t contained in glass vessels. Old codgers like Ebenezer Scrooge would tip their pointed night-caps and carry their free-standing candles around to see in the dark. Today, however, it’s much more common to find candles contained in gorgeous glassware, like we sell at Jar Store! A glass jar can offer a lot of perks aesthetically and give your candle wax something to sit in, rather than dripping all over a surface and possibly staining it permanently. 

But as you may have experienced throughout your life, glass that is exposed to heat can sometimes crack, break, or even shatter entirely. This breakage of glass is dependent on factors such as the placement of heat and the temperature of the flame. So, we find ourselves wondering…

Can Candles Break Glass with Heat?

The answer is not entirely straightforward, but the short answer is that it’s possible. There are certain types of glass that are made explicitly with candles in mind, meaning that they are manufactured to be heat-resistant. Heat resistance, however, does not mean that these candles are immune to breakage or cracking under some exposure to heat. The strong and sturdy glassware sold in our candle jars section is all specifically designed to hold candles, and can stand up to the heat from a burning wick. However, that’s not to say that candle jars are unbreakable.

A glass candle jar breaking is dependent on the candle itself—namely, the placement of the wick. If the wick is not centered and burns too far off to the side, the uneven heating resulting from this can cause the glass near the overheated area to crack. Another factor related to the wick that can lead to a glass container breaking is allowing the candle to burn too close to the bottom; the heat coming from a flame at the bottom of the glass is likely to make the glass jar break at the candle’s end if it is left to burn for too long.

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Exercise Candle Safety

It is important to exercise caution with candles, regardless of the container they’re in. Make sure to always keep a candle on a heat-resistant surface and extinguish it when the wick level gets low. And, of course, always extinguish a candle before you leave the room it’s in. You don’t have to be like old Scrooge, and use exclusively free-standing candles, but you should still be cautious with open flames.

Where to Buy Heat-Resistant Candle Jars

If you’re looking for top of the line, heat-resistant candle jars, you can trust in the expert craftsmanship of Jar Store. We offer a wide variety of candle jar types, from a traditional sleek look to more rustic mason jars and anything in between. Make sure to contact us with any questions so that we can help you choose and select the perfect glassware for all your needs!


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