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Homemade Kimchi in a Jar

How to Make Kimchi in a Jar – Homemade Kimchi Recipe

At Jar Store, we love talking about food that you can make in jars, store in jars, or eat out of jars! We’ve covered everything from baby food, to pumpkin pie filling, and even gourmet lemonade and simple syrup! Today, we’re going to talk about kimchi, a bit of a deviation from our normal recipes, […]

Canning For Beginners | The Jar Store

Looking for a new hobby? Or just need to preserve some food from your fridge? Learning how to can and preserve food is a great skill that will expand your culinary capabilities.

peaches in mason jar

Canning for Long Term Storage

Believe it or not, there was actually a long period of time where humans existed, but refrigerators did not. Today, ice is something that you can dispense into your cup at the push of a button on your freezer door, but imagine that you don’t have Freon, or electricity, or even an airtight and insulated box.