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Easter DIY Projects

Three Easy Spring-Time DIY Crafts

We’ve thought up three of our favorite DIY crafts that represent Spring to us, as a way to welcome the new season. Today, we’re going to color some eggs with natural dye, instead of food coloring or chemicals, we’re going to grow some tulips in a jar, and make our own delicious Spring-time dessert bar!

Herbs in Mason JArs

Indoor Gardening: How to Get Started

Building a Mason Jar row of herbs can take as little as 20 minutes to assemble and add extraordinary flavor to your next home-cooked meal. But maybe you don’t have time to cook but need to spruce up your bathroom aesthetic or home look. The indoor terrarium is a fun and easy to assemble home DIY project. The beauty is every terrarium will look different and the style can be vastly different between them.

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Three Easy Tips for Mind and Body Wellness

Self-Care Tips – Three Easy Hints for Mind and Body Wellness You always have at least two things in life that are intrinsically yours, that you get total control over, that nobody can tell you what to do with or how you use them: your mind and your body. These two things should be incredibly […]