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Jar store customer interview

Jar Store Customer Interview: Pantala & EATS

As you may know, we at Jar Store love to get in touch with our customers, and share their stories with you. Recently, we were lucky enough to speak with Ann Bloomquist, co-founder of a wonderful company known as Pantala. Operated out of Park City, Utah, Pantala provides the world with a unique product; a food topping inspired by Mediterranean dishes, bringing something delicious and proprietary to many Americans who would’ve otherwise never expanded their palates.

Gimme Dolce header image

Jar Store Customer Interview: Gimme Dulce

Recently, we were very happy to speak with Niyah, the owner and operator of a fantastic treat-themed candle company known as Gimme Dulce. Gimme Dulce produces unique scented candles that smell almost as delicious as they look! First off, I want to mention how impressive your candles are. They all look absolutely delicious; you completely […]

Adorn Well

Customer Highlight | Adorn Well

We started with a Jar Store canning jar with a solid lid and I loved it, but wanted something even more rounded. We move onto the salsa jar which is perfect because we can distinguish our brand by using different colored lids.