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Easter DIY Projects

Three Easy Spring-Time DIY Crafts

We’ve thought up three of our favorite DIY crafts that represent Spring to us, as a way to welcome the new season. Today, we’re going to color some eggs with natural dye, instead of food coloring or chemicals, we’re going to grow some tulips in a jar, and make our own delicious Spring-time dessert bar!

Vday gifts

3 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Glass Jar Gift and Décor Ideas You’ve got a couple weeks left until Valentine’s Day and you need to prepare gifts for your significant other, friends, and family. You’ve already got dinner planned and you’ve prepared a box of chocolates, but you need something more unique to really let them know that you care. The […]

The Idea Center

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

It’s 11 days until Christmas and you still have a list of people to buy gifts for, with no idea what to get them. Fret not! Homemade or DIY gifts have long been considered one of the more thoughtful options for gift giving and they also happen to be super trendy right now. Here are […]

Misty Mountain Soy Candle

Customer Highlight | Misty Mountain Soy Candles LLC

…how I came to find Jar Store. When I was starting my company, I was looking for suppliers that could give me a reusable vessel. It was very important for me because soy is a great product to work with because it is biodegradable, and I wanted our jars to be able to be upcycled after the candle is gone.