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Homemade Baby Food

Making Your Own Baby Food at Home

Is it easier and healthier to make your own baby food right at home? There are dozens of benefits to this method, and many parents are surprised to learn that all they need is a food processor and some storage jars!

A Leap into Spring: Groundhog Day Parfait (in a Jar)!

A Leap into Spring with Groundhog Day Parfait (in a Jar)! We’re all ready for our favorite seasonal critter to appear. But if you’re ready to make that groundhog appear ahead of time, then let’s get to it with this parfait in a jar!

Winter Indoor Houseplants to Grow on a DIY Wall Planter with Mason Jars

As we sit right in the crook of the winter season, the seasonal blues can surely hit. With less sunlight and shorter days, you can still bring some life into your world with plants. Yes, you can still grow and have houseplants in January by picking seasonal varieties! First, let’s explore creating a DIY wall planter with mason jars nearby a window in your living room or other open space of choice that gets the most sunlight in your home, then get to picking the best winter indoor houseplants to seed and grow in the wall planter!

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