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Top Candle Jars

Jar Store’s MVP’s – Best Jars of 2021

At Jar Store we offer a wide selection of jars but some of them stood out in 2021. These top sellers flew off the shelves and shipped to you for all of your amazing creations.

Wildwood Candles

Customer Highlight | Wildwood Candle Co.

When I had this business idea, I thought, this has a story, more of a purpose behind it, rather than just being another candle with a cute label. I think the story brought a lot of value to that, and that it’s centered around a place that people know of.

Candle Jar Branding

Easy Ways To Brand Your New Candles

Whichever method of branding you choose, pairing a sleek candle jar with a fun and thoughtful label and your amazing product is an easy way to make your candles glow!

Add a Spring To Your Business Steps

Whether by reimagining trademark scents, brand colors, or outer packaging that their products are delivered in, ensure booming success for your brand with these latest color, flavor, scent, and packaging design trends of 2021.

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