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Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cookie Mix in a Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies and who doesn’t love gifts? For Valentine’s Day, there is nothing sweeter than giving or receiving a handmade token of crafted care. So, to help you kick start your holiday gifting brainstorming session, here is Valentine’s Day red velvet cookie mix in a jar.

A Leap into Spring: Groundhog Day Parfait (in a Jar)!

A Leap into Spring with Groundhog Day Parfait (in a Jar)! We’re all ready for our favorite seasonal critter to appear. But if you’re ready to make that groundhog appear ahead of time, then let’s get to it with this parfait in a jar!

DIY Home organization

Organize Your Home with DIY Mason Jar Organizers

In honor of Organize Your Home Day, or if you’re just looking for ways to optimize your surroundings, here are some DIY mason jar organizers to start implementing all around. Freshen up the down winter season with some environmental changes.

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