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Continue Good: Spread Kindness and Bring Light into Others’ Lives

Continue Good is a small business based out of Kansas that hand pours natural soy candles that encourage each and every customer to spread kindness in their community. Each candle includes natural ingredients with a fifty hour-plus burn time. The core mission of spreading kindness and love is an idea presented on the back of every candle which includes a small act of kindness. While furthering their mission to spread kindness, Continue Good also donates 10% to fight human trafficking.

Let’s Talk with Mollie, the Founder of Continue Good

How long have you been making candles and what inspired you to start your candle business?

I started making candles as a hobby in 2017 and then transitioned it into a candle business. It took about one year to get a high quality product, but overtime I’ve made some tweaks before I mastered the candle-making process, especially since we hand pour all of our candles. I wanted to create light and bring love into others’ lives while spreading kindness. A candle is the perfect example of how light comes into the darkness and has significantly represented the core mission and values of our company.

Continue Good is a unique name. How did you come up with the name for your business?

Continue Good (noun): company that encourages customers to spread kindness in their community. The name revolves around our mission to continue being good in the world and with others. Being a light is a similar concept and encouraging others to be aware of the people around you while spreading love and kindness. We believe more can be accomplished together, which is why we want to inspire our customers to help us continue good in the world.

Tell us about your non-profit: The Continue Good Foundation and how that represents your brand.

The Continue Good Foundation is still in the beginning stages as it just launched this past fall. The main purpose of starting the non-profit is to further our mission of Continue Good. We pick a trait and let that trait guide us throughout the month, for example Joy, Love, Kindness, etc.

One way we exemplify this is through acts of kindness, our Hope Club, and as always encouraging others to spread kindness. We also place a positive message on the back of every candle that promotes kindness and inspires others to spread love. We then partner a non-profit or charity that is bringing that trait to life and the people around them and we help by donating resources, physically volunteering, encouraging the staff, an even give their staff custom candles.

How have you gone about creating a distinctive brand? What sets you apart from other candle businesses?

I believe like-minded people want the same things: good changes and to brighten others’ lives. The key component that our unique brand creates is telling our story and joining people together. Our brand is based on the belief of inclusion that people are more powerful together while spreading love and kindness. We draw attention to the fact that it’s not just a transaction, it’s an experience. We also use wooden wicks and hand pour our natural soy candles that set us apart.

How did you discover Jar Store? Where do we play a role in your business?

My husband, Calvin, was sourcing materials when he came across Jar Store, and it was the high ratings and good shipping times that was key. We enjoy the visual aesthetic that comes with the candles we make and also having a consistent product. The jars remain the same and our customers know what they’re getting which is important.

What has been one of the biggest challenges of owning your own candle company?

For myself, it’s been knowing the numbers over the past few years with inflation that’s played a role and having to make adjustments with price changes. Because we hand pour all of our candles and create a quality product, we want to be fair with pricing but still get the value for the craft of it.

What do you love most about the candle business?

Candles impact an atmosphere and bring light to a room, and we hope it can bring comfort and peace to people. With so many people in the candle business, we can all learn a lot from each other and it’s therapeutic. Continue Good encourages us to make a difference for the greater good. Being able to see customers spread kindness is the fruit of the business. Continue Good also pushes us to give back to the community which we do by giving 10% of our profit to human trafficking.

Do you have any other advice or tips for beginners or aspiring candle makers?

Since the candle market is very saturated, it can be very daunting to jump in, but a tip would be to focus on the why. Find your purpose and focus on why you love to make candles and the deeper meaning to separate yourself form others.

continued good

Let this message serve as a reminder to spread kindness and love throughout your community and be a light to others around you! You can change your surrounding environment by shining your own bright light, especially to those in need. Thank you, Continue Good, for sharing your remarkable story and letting Jar Store be a part of bringing the light to your community!

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