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DIY 4th Of July Crafts with Jars

DIY Fourth of July Mason Jars

These jars make a cute addition for any get-together. They are perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and to gift to any military families you may know. Fill with flowers or make multiple jars to use for straws and utensils at your next party.


• Mason Jar, any size
• Red, white, & blue acrylic paint
• Painter’s tape
• Foam stars
• Paint brush
• Red and blue glitter (optional)
• Clear enamel spray paint (optional)

How to Make This Jar

1. Paint your jar white
2. Use painter’s tape to block off the stripes & paint them red
3. Block off the top left corner with tape & paint it blue
4. Paint the foam star with white paint & stamp on the blue part
5. Seal with clear enamel spray paint & add glitter (optional)

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Tips and Tricks

• If painter’s tape is causing paint to peel, try using washi tape instead. 
• If you like a more distressed look, you can use sandpaper to roughen up the paint
• You can create a star stencil from paper or cardboard instead of using foam stars
• Use a fine paint brush to touch up lines

If you make this project, please tag us and share how it turned out! 


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