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DIY Christmas Jar Crafts for Grandparents

Every grandparent loves homemade gifts made with love by their grandchild. Glass jars make a great base for homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents. Check out these great glass jar Christmas craft ideas.

Every grandparent loves homemade gifts made with love by their grandchild. As the holidays grow nearer, you may be in search of the perfect DIY Christmas gift for grandparents from your kids.

Glass jars make a great base for homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents. Check out these great glass jar Christmas craft ideas, but don’t be afraid to put your own twist on the craft to make it your own!

Holiday Candy Jars

It isn’t the holiday season without an abundance of sweet treats! Glass jars can be easily decorated into homemade candy or cookie jars for grandparents by kids of all ages. Either let the kids go wild with paints, stickers and stamps galore or follow a design like those below.

DIY Christmas Candy Jars

For simple, yet classic, DIY Christmas cookie jars, try one of these designs. Little reindeer antlers or a Santa Claus belt buckle brings out the festive spirit, yet the craft itself is still simple enough for children of all ages to accomplish.

DIY Christmas Craft Jars

These tissue paper jar designs make great homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents! Once your kids have designed their own holiday scenes, Mod Podge them on a jar for a creative DIY Christmas treat jar their grandparents will adore.

When choosing the glass jars for these DIY Christmas jar crafts, these 32 ounce canning jars will hold plenty of candy while also providing a tight seal. For smaller candy gifts, try these 12 ounce mayo jars.

Holiday Glass Jar Luminaries

Holiday-themed glass jar luminaries also make great homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents! To make a luminary, fill a decorated jar with a candle, small electric tea light, or even a small set of Christmas lights. 

Like the holiday candy jars, you can either let the kids create own designs or follow an established pattern. Many of the Christmas glass jar luminary designs below make great candy jars too and the candy jar designs above make great luminaries! 

Homemade Snowman Luminaries

These adorable snowman glass jar luminaries are a great DIY Christmas jar craft! Kids will love using buttons, googly eyes and fabric to dress up their snowman. A string of LED lights will help light up the snowman from head to toe. These 16 ounce jars are the perfect size to get things started. 

DIY Tissue Paper Votives

For an easy homemade gift from children of all ages, try out these colorful tissue paper votive holders. Kids will love cutting shapes out of the tissue paper and getting a little messy while sticking them to the jars. Choose festive colors of tissue paper for a gift perfect for the holidays, or switch up the colors to make it appropriate any time of the year. These flared square jars and these tapered square jars are a great fit if you’re in need of a glass jar to get started.

Holiday Candles

Candles make a great homemade gift for grandparents! While the actual candle-making process is a more appropriate craft for older kids, little ones can still get involved after the candles have been made by decorating the glass jars. Here are two great candle-making crafts for kids at different age levels. 

Peppermint Candle Gifts

For older kids, work together to create perfectly-scented holiday candles, such as this peppermint candle DIY. Use the same process with other holiday scents, like cinnamon or gingerbread to suit the tastes of your loved ones. When choosing a glass jar for your holiday candles, this 8 ounce smooth sided jelly jar is an excellent choice.

Glitter Candle DIY

Younger kids will love putting their own artistic touch onto candle jars. This fun glitter candle DIY let’s kids let their creativity shine on candle jars with glitter paint. This gives the finished candles a sparkly touch while limiting the messy clean-up that normally comes with glitter crafts.

Homemade Snow Globes

Believe it or not, making your own homemade snow globe is easier than it looks. A tightly sealed glass jar is a necessity for this DIY Christmas jar craft. Kids will have a great time picking out the fun holiday decorations they want to feature in their snow globe.

Homemade Snow Globes

For a personal touch, put photos your kids into the snow globe! Laminated holiday photos of your kids let’s them become part of the wintry scene. Here’s a great DIY that walks through the process.

A glass jar used for this craft must be air tight in order to prevent any leakage. For this reason, a food-safe canning jar is a perfect fit. Depending on the size of your snow globe, this quart-sized jar and this 8 ounce jar are both great choices.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

A DIY hot chocolate in a jar gift is sure to warm the hearts and souls of grandparents for the holidays! Check out our blog for the details on crafting a delicious hot chocolate gift this season.  


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