DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener…with Honey!

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DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener…with Honey!

mason jar air freshener

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mason jar air freshener

In honor of Art Appreciation Day, let’s get to creating! Here is a quick, easy, and sweet (literally) DIY mason jar air freshener to vitalize your home anytime, anywhere, but we’d highly suggest it for the bathroom! Additionally, we figured why not honor one of the most popular sweeteners of this time of the year? That’s right. Honey (but not literally)! We know. Bummer. However, we will put you in mind of honey with this honey-scented air freshener. (Tip #1: Just don’t have any windows or doors open when this air freshener is present. You don’t want any outside visitors mistaking it for the real thing.)  If you have any mason jars hanging around, some mason jar crafts are in order.

Home enthusiasts, mason jar lovers, AND honey ones too, this one’s for you!

First, the Supplies:

  • A mason jar of course! We’d suggest maybe an 8 oz or 16 oz jar
  • Some essential oil, whichever scent you’re in the mood for. AND some premium honey fragrance oil!
  • Some baking soda
  • Some scrapbook paper. Consider all kinds of cool designs and textured templates. You can buy from Amazon, Michaels, or any scrapbooking section in your local Walmart and such should do.
  • A small-sized hole punch
  • Mirror spray paint (optional)

Now, the Mason Jar:

While it is completely your prerogative, mirror spray paint will not only add some great, unique color to your air freshener, mirror finish spray paint on the inside of the jar creates an awesome mercury glass look. This way you get a home décor and a functional home device all in one.

Use a circular piece of scrapbook paper for the top décor of the jar lid. With a simple hole puncher, create ordinary holes in the paper, or find one with different hole designs to get a bit more fun. These holes will serve the vital purpose of letting your mason jar air freshener’s scent escape while allowing the bad odors in the air to be absorbed. (Tip #2: Use the top of the jar itself to trace the circle in the scrapbook paper that will go inside the inner ring of the lid.)

And Finally, the Air Freshener:

The extra sweet thing about this DIY mason jar air freshener is that it also acts as a deodorizer thanks to the added baking soda.

Fill your jar with about a cup of baking soda, about 12 drops of your essential oil, and 12 drops of your honey!

With the honey having shaped this project into something stellar, why not really go for it! Bring the flowers into your room without the actual bouquet that eventually withers. Honey blends very well with spicy florals such as orange blossom, ylang ylang, and carnation, so consider any one (or two!) of those as your essential oil option (s). Honey can also work well with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Make it like a spa experience every time you enter the room! You could also use real beeswax essential oil as your honey factor. (If that’s the case, we’d suggest that you refer to Tip #1 again before proceeding.)

And yes, beeswax can smell like honey!

When beeswax is created by the honeybee, it is white and odorless. During storage in the honeycomb, the wax absorbs its fragrance and color from pollen, honey, and propolis (a brownish resinous material of waxy consistency collected by bees from the buds of trees and used as a cement). There’s your fun fact of the day. You’re welcome.

Now with your scents selected and dropped in accordingly, shake it all together to combine. The baking soda will absorb unpleasant smells while the essential oil will brighten the air. Give your jar a little shake every few days to refresh the scent, and that’s it!

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