Your Car Smells Great..DIY Mother’s Day Jar Gift

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Your Car Smells Great..DIY Mother’s Day Jar Gift

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For Mother’s Day why not give Mom a super cute DIY Mother’s Day Jar Gift to make her car smell great.  Seriously, one of the best little jar tricks I’ve found. I’m sure many of you can relate, the struggle to keep your car smelling fresh amidst the chaos of life, is very real.

First off, I hate to admit it but there have been a few days I’ve hopped in the car and wanted to hop right back out. Sitting there wondering what stinks… kids and dogs and lost snacks and the list continues. I mean really who’s a fan of a hot stinky car anyway? Definitely not me.

Definitely not a fan of chemically based, overpowering, headache producing air fresheners hung from my the review mirror either. So a times it’s been a struggle to always keep my car smelling good.

Finally I’ve figured out a solution! Check it out..

You Need:


Pick a scent 

  • Wax Candle Melts
  • Coffee Grinds
  • Candle Wax Remnants from an old candle

After you pick a jar size and scent, place wax/coffee grinds in the jar screw on a daisy mason lid, and you’re done.

Mother's-Day-Jar-Gift  Mother's-Day-Jar-Gift  DIY Mother's Day Jar Gift


Originally, I used a nail to poke holes through the top of a regular mason lid.  However, as a result of a painful slip with a nail, I decided there had to be a better way to do it. Finally it hit me, why not just use a daisy mason lid.. silly?

They already have holes and they’re super cute, meaning they’ll look awesome and be functional, without any pain.

Once Mom unwraps her present, it should fit in to any standard sized cup holder. If you’re feeling extra creative make a few more.

I have two strategically placed in the car.  One of them is in the back of my car and the other one is up front.
Anytime the sun heats up the car, the wax is consequently warmed up, resulting in my entire car smelling great.


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