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Candle Jar Branding

Easy Ways To Brand Your New Candles

Whichever method of branding you choose, pairing a sleek candle jar with a fun and thoughtful label and your amazing product is an easy way to make your candles glow!

Whether you are a skilled artisan making candles to sell at local farmer’s markets and co-ops, or if you are creating a batch of handcrafted candles to pass out in wedding gift bags or as party favors, branding and labeling your product is a surefire way to add a distinctive, personal touch.

There are several ways to bring your branding to life, and the candle’s size and shape determines the amount of space you have to play with.

1. Create a Custom Label

Creating a custom sticker label can be fun and easy. With so many options to print and programs to design with it could seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Ideally, to design an effective candle label, you should aim to include:

  1. You company’s name and logo (if you have one) and/or your name and website information. A candle label is great real estate for marketing.
  2.  The candle’s scent and any ingredients, oils, or salves used in the aroma. Take into consideration some scents or synthetics like petroleum distillates or limonene used in candle making can trigger fragrance allergies or sensory reactions for some, and the best rule of thumb is to stick to single-scent fragrances like a light rose-smelling candle for those with allergies.
  3. Type of wax used. Much like fragrance allergies, some paraffin used in candle wax or leads used in the candle’s wick can cause allergies or irritation.
  4. The candle’s weight. Those purchasing your candles may want to send them as gifts, and the weight will assist with calculating shipping costs.
  5. Date crafted and burn time. Customers will want to know how freshly made your products are and get a gauge on how quickly they burn.
Get inventive with shapes and put a circle labels on your lids or even on the jar itself. 

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2. DIY Tags

For a country or rustic look, homemade label tags are a DIY dream. Brown cardstock, corkboard, or even pyrographed leather are an eye catching way to customize your candles. Typically stickers or chalk labels in a multitude of colors are wrapped around the jar, but only a few simple materials are needed for homemade To/From Tags, perfect to pair with our Mason Jar Mug.


Step One:
To create your tags, stencil out a label design. Try rounded corners, a bold rectangle, or swallow tailed edges.

Step Two:
Using the hole punch, make a hole about one centimeter from the base of the tag, to account for any bending or stress from the string.

(Some may choose to add a brass or metal rivet to reinforce the hole.)

Step Three:
Using lettering stencils, or with freehand, measure out the placement of your message on the tag and trace with the writing utensil of your choice, or etch in using your stylus and fill in with metallic ink.

Step Four:
Cut enough twine or ribbon to tie around the diameter of your jar, thread it through the hole in the tag, and tie with a bow! You are now ready to sell or give away your masterpiece.


  • Cardstock or corkboard (some tags come pre-cut into tag shapes, or you can template your shape and cut them yourself)
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Hole punch
  • Metallic pens or a wooden stylus
  • Lettering stencils (optional)

3. Laser Engraving

Is your customer ordering wedding gifts for their wedding party or maybe you want to put your logo on every lid? Laser engraving is a great way to personalize your candle jars for larger customer orders. Laser engraving is a process to etch or engrave wood or coated metal lids like the PackLogix Metal Lid really making your finished candle stand out. 

Engraved Gifts
Engraved by FarWorx Custom Laser Design out of Iowa
Custom bamboo lid
Engraved by FarWorx Custom Laser Design out of Iowa

Whichever method of branding you choose, pairing a sleek candle jar with a fun and thoughtful label and your amazing product is an easy way to make your candles glow!




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