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Everything I Wish I Knew Before I Started Canning

Everything I Wish I Knew Before I Started Canning

Tips and Tricks To Get You Started In Canning.

I’m not proud of it but when I decided I was going to start canning on my own,  it wasn’t pretty. Growing up canning was a way of life in my family. I spent countless hours in the kitchen with my Mom, Grandmother and Aunts just canning away. It’s something I will never forget – I truly loved every minute of it.

As an adult I decided it was time for me to continue the tradition and get to canning.  This however is something I wish I could forget. To save everyone else from my humbling mistakes I put together a list of the key steps of the process and what I wish I knew before I started canning.

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Everything I Wish I Knew Before I Started Canning

  • Never Ever Re-Use Lids
  • A pressure canner is not the same as a pressure cooker
  • No chips or cracks in your jars
  • You don’t need to pre-sterilize jars that will process for 10 minutes or more.


  • You do not have to boil your lids for foods you will be processing longer than 10 minutes
  • A jar lifter is worth its weight in gold…it can be painful to learn this the hard way
  • In a pinch, round cake cooling racks make perfect canning racks, so do canning rings tied together with twine – no matter what you use you must keep your jars off the bottom ban, otherwise they will explode – seriously
  • For any type of pickling you should always use vinegar with at least 5% acidity
  • Do not turn jars upside down to seal them, even after hot water bath – just don’t 
  • You can preserve almost anything by canning it but please, please, stick with a tried and true recipe – follow it to the letter
  • There is a science behind the canning process – BE SAFE
  • No one will ever know if you use frozen fruit to make jam or preserves, unless you tell them… I promise
  • Only fill your canning pot about half full of water because when you add your jars the water will rise
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