It’s Harvest Time and Canning Season is Upon Us…

It’s Harvest Time and Canning Season is Upon Us…

With the first official day of fall around the corner, harvest time canning season is upon us at the Jar Store. The other day I was reminded, not so long ago, I needed help from every bit of canning knowledge available. 

After having this humbling walk down memory lane, I decided it was important to kick off this canning season in the right direction. Quickly I wrote down everything about canning I could think of, let me just say that list was way to long. It became clear that I needed to create something quick, easy and above all useful for anyone who’s decided to take up canning this season. Processing through all of my canning season info was time consuming, then I realized all of that info was not going to be of help to anyone just starting out. I remembered my Grandma always saying, the only place to start is at the beginning.

From the Beginning

Start from the beginning – so that is exactly what I did.  Starting at the beginning for this years harvest time canning season,  lead me to make this handy dandy little guide to canning methods. I created this guide to canning methods for anyone who is new to the whole process of canning or might need a little refresher. Sincerely I hope it is of use and is a helpful part of your canning season fun.  Download, enjoy and share.

Happy Canning!

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