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Hot Chocolate in a Jar

How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate in a Jar Gift

An individual hot chocolate gift can be perfectly customized for your friends and family. Make the gift unique to you by providing a great recipe served up in a glass jar adorned with holiday-themed decorations.

As temperatures drop one of the best ways to stay warm is through indulging in a rich, sweet mug of hot cocoa. Delicious hot chocolate is not only a great sweet treat during the colder months of the year. It’s also a great gift!

An individual hot chocolate gift can be perfectly customized for your friends and family. Make the gift unique to you by providing a great recipe served up in a glass jar adorned with holiday-themed decorations.

The Hot Chocolate Mix

The most important part of a DIY hot chocolate gift is the recipe, of course! Most powdered hot chocolate in a jar recipes start with two simple ingredients: sugar and cocoa powder.

If you are looking for a basic powdered hot chocolate recipe, we’ve found one that is just those two ingredients, plus a little salt for added flavor. It’s a good baseline recipe if you just want a simple mix.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a hot chocolate in a jar recipe is whether you plan to combine the mix with milk or water. Some recipes add dry milk powder to their mix, making it possible to mix the hot cocoa powder with water and still have a milky drink. Others, like the recipe above, don’t have dry milk powder, but encourage you to mix the recipe with milk rather than water.

Dark Chocolate Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix

While a plain hot chocolate will always be a crowd pleaser, don’t be afraid to add a few other flavors to the mix! You can really amp up the chocolate flavor by adding just a couple more ingredients. This recipe from Countryside Cravings will create a rich dark chocolate mix; a perfect gift for chocolate lovers!

Caramel Powdered Hot Chocolate

You can make your hot chocolate mix into a sweet treat by adding caramel! This recipe for powdered caramel hot chocolate mix is almost entirely homemade, even the caramel!

Peppermint Powdered Hot Chocolate

If you really want to help your friends and family celebrate the holiday season, this powdered peppermint hot chocolate in a jar recipe should do the trick! They get that yummy peppermint kick from crushed candy canes.

The Glass Jar

Once you’ve decided on the perfect recipe, you need the perfect glass jar to store your gift.

Typically, hot chocolate mix in a jar gifts are made in 8 ounce, 16 ounce, or 32 ounce jars depending on how many servings you would like to give in your gift.

Keep in mind that the mouth of the jar will need to be large enough so the hot chocolate mix can be easily spooned out. Any wide-mouth jar or a larger regular-mouth jar should do the trick for this.

Also, keep in mind the seal. As hot chocolate mix is a food product, you want to make sure the seal is tight enough to keep the mix fresh. Any food-safe jar or food storage jar, should have a seal tight enough to store the mix.

Canning jars are often a great choice, as they fit all of the above requirements. Either this 8 ounce jar or this quart-sized glass jar should be a perfect fit. 

The Assembly

You have several options when putting together your hot chocolate mix in a jar, depending on the look you’re going for. You can pre-mix all of the powdered ingredients together before adding them to the jar. However, some also enjoy a nice layered look instead, with each ingredient pre-measured and added to the jar one-by-one.

When adding the powders to the jar, a funnel may be helpful to prevent spillage. Using a spoon rather than dumping the powder is another way to keep everything clean and tidy.

Once you’ve added your powdered mix, don’t forget about the additional yummy treats! The obvious choice to add to your mix are mini-marshmallows, either homemade or store-bought. But don’t be afraid to add other sweet goodies, such as chocolate chips, candy cane pieces, or caramel bits!

The Decoration

Once you have the mix and a glass jar to match, it’s time to decorate your gift! Whether you prefer simple designs to adorn your jar or want to fully embrace the holiday season, the decoration possibilities are endless.

To spruce up your hot chocolate in a jar for the coming holidays, find a way to inject a little Christmas cheer. A few pipe cleaners, pom-poms and some eyes transformed this glass jar into a cute little reindeer!

Reindeer Hot Chocolate Jar Gift

For another, simple holiday-themed gift, wrap a fake Christmas tree limb around the lid of the jar. With a few additional bits of string and berries, you have a hot chocolate in a jar gift topped with a mini Christmas wreath.

Wreath Hot Chocolate Jar Mix

For a design that isn’t holiday-specific, adding a simple ribbon with a bow or no decoration at all can provide a simple but clean look.

Hot chocolate in a jar can be a great gift to make with the kids! For a design that is kid-friendly and fun, provide your kids with holiday stickers and ribbon and let them go wild making their own custom designed jars.

Don’t forget to tie on a card with the recipe instructions. You could also print the instructions as a sticker and stick it on the jar or lid. 

Once you’ve finished decorating your jar, you’re good to go! The hot chocolate mix should stay fresh for several months but consult the recipe you used for the exact time frame. 

This hot chocolate in a jar is a great mix on its own but could also be part of a larger themed gift! Try combining it with other holiday goodies for a fun gift basket, or even mini bottles of alcohol (for the adults only, of course).

Hot chocolate in a jar is a simple yet fun gift to give to almost anyone this holiday season! Looking for more fun glass jar crafts? Try this easy terrarium or succulent in a mason jar crafts to get started.


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