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How You Can Use Glass Vials and Bottles for Candle-Making

Organize and store your candle-making ingredients and fragrances with glass vials and bottles from Discount Vials! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your storage solutions.

Organization, cleanliness, and efficient storage are challenges faced by almost any business, and candle-making is no exception. Jar Store offers tons of super effective solutions for your candle-making quandaries, but we haven’t been able to cover all of the bases by ourselves (yet!). That’s why we’ve partnered up with Discount Vials, so we can provide you with the niche products that we previously were unable to fulfill!

Discount Vials and Jar Store

Discount Vials, as Jar Store’s sister-store, offers several similar products to what you’re used to seeing from us. However, the glassware over at DV is more about productivity than presentation. Where Jar Store nails the outward-facing, customer-focused areas of your business, Discount Vials offers tons of products that help you take care of all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Our gorgeous glass jars help your scented candles look their best, but Discount Vials can provide you with the tools that you need to make your candles shine in the first place.

Glass Vials for Candle-Making

There is a multitude of steps, planning, and effort that goes into candle-making. It’s an arduous, yet rewarding, process that can take years to perfect. Thankfully, the right products (like glass vials!) can make it a little bit easier. While there are no such things as shortcuts to perfection, but there is such a thing as Perfection Glass. As the sole distributor of Perfection Brand Glassware, Discount Vials offers the best and most effective dropper bottles for any process, including candle-making.

Dropper Bottles for Fragrances

Scented candles are made through chemistry and science. Precise measurements are crucial, and small deviations in formula can lead to unexpected results. That’s why it’s important to utilize the best possible equipment when you’re measuring out your fragrances and creating your beautiful scents!

We recommend graduated dropper bottles. For precise measurements, they can’t be beat. When you’re divvying out your fragrances and essential oils into your wax mixtures, you can simply utilize the graduated markings on the droppers and rest assured that you’re getting an exact, even distribution across each candle.

Boston Round Bottles for Storage

When you’re not neatly dropping your fragrances and oils into their respective waxes, you need somewhere safe and secure to store them. 

With Boston round bottles, you’ve got the perfect glass bottle to store your candle-making liquids and supplies while you’re preparing for the next batch of beautifully scented goodness. Discount Vials has green, clear, amber, and cobalt blue Boston round bottles, so you can even color-code your ingredients!

Child Resistant Closures for Your Chemicals and Oils

Children and pets can be dangerously curious, and essential oils and chemicals can smell attractive. If you’ve got kids or pets who may feel compelled to take a swig of your candle-making ingredients, you could have a trip to the emergency room on your hands! While many essential oils are non-toxic, there are several fragrance oils that are petroleum based and can be very harmful when ingested. These oils are perfectly safe for use in candles, but the manufacturers never intend for them to be consumed by humans or animals. Even the essential oils that may be safe for human consumption can be toxic to your pets!

We recommend storing your oils and fragrances in a safe place, out of reach of any children or pets. As a secondary line of defense, child-safe lids are a pertinent choice. Discount Vials offers a few different child-safe lids, providing you with more than just a tight seal on your ingredients, but with peace of mind as well.

Jar Store Endorses Discount Vials

We hold our products and partners to a high standard, and we would never endorse a company that we don’t truly believe in. Discount Vials is an excellent company, and a reliable source for your candle-making supplies. Visit today, they’ve got free shipping for orders over $99!


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