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Easter DIY Projects

Three Easy Spring-Time DIY Crafts

We’ve thought up three of our favorite DIY crafts that represent Spring to us, as a way to welcome the new season. Today, we’re going to color some eggs with natural dye, instead of food coloring or chemicals, we’re going to grow some tulips in a jar, and make our own delicious Spring-time dessert bar!

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Herbs in Mason JArs

Indoor Gardening: How to Get Started

Building a Mason Jar row of herbs can take as little as 20 minutes to assemble and add extraordinary flavor to your next home-cooked meal. But maybe you don’t have time to cook but need to spruce up your bathroom aesthetic or home look. The indoor terrarium is a fun and easy to assemble home DIY project. The beauty is every terrarium will look different and the style can be vastly different between them.

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Adorn Well

Customer Highlight | Adorn Well

We started with a Jar Store canning jar with a solid lid and I loved it, but wanted something even more rounded. We move onto the salsa jar which is perfect because we can distinguish our brand by using different colored lids.

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