August 10, 2020
Dog treat biscuit being handed to dog

Spoil Your Dog Day (with Dog-Friendly Strawberry Banana Smoothie Biscuits! In a DIY Dog Treat Jar!)

Calling all pet lovers. National Spoil Your Dog Day is here! But we’re sure you already knew that. Indulge them with these dog-friendly strawberry banana smoothie biscuits in a DIY dog treat Jar! It’s quick and easy.
August 9, 2020
Smores bar station prep

S’mores Parfait by Day, S’mores Bar Station by Night!

In honor of National S’mores Day, let’s talk all things s’mores from recipes to meal prepping for a campfire or day picnic outing with a bar station. Both s’mores parfaits and s’mores bar stations are quick and easy to accomplish!
August 3, 2020
mason jar air freshener

DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener…with Honey!

In honor of Art Appreciation Day, here is a quick, easy, and sweet (literally) DIY mason jar air freshener and deodorizer to vitalize your home anytime, anywhere, but we’d highly suggest it for the bathroom! Mason jar crafts for the win!
July 13, 2020

Artisanal Candle Making: Shining a Needed Light on Human Trafficking & Lighting Up Brighter Tomorrows

Artisanal Candle Making with RE+NEW+ALL Candle, a Memphis social enterprise that helps trafficking survivor candlemakers find employment and solace. Each candle is all natural with 60-hour-plus burning times. Shining a Needed Light on Human Trafficking & Lighting Up Better Tomorrows.
June 25, 2020


How to Make a July 4th Backyard BBQ Layout with Glass Jars? How about some mason jar patriotic rice votives as patio table centerpieces, mason jar citronella candles to repel bugs, jello treats, and some staple sangria!?
June 22, 2020

How to Make Citronella Candle Bug Repellent Lanterns

How to Make Citronella Candle Bug Repellent Lanterns in less than 10 steps for your next mosquito-free summer BBQ.
June 15, 2020

Marinade in a Glass Jar for Honey Garlic Chicken

Marinade in a Glass Jar for Honey Garlic Chicken is made easy and delicious in five quick steps. It will deliver you the perfect BBQ entrée for your summer backyard party for dad on his birthday or Father’s Day. It can also just be a treat for yourself too if you are a fellow barbecue enthusiast. Now, get grilling!
June 10, 2020


Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats for Summertime gives you a seasonal fruit staple with a sugary twist!
June 1, 2020

Glass Jar Cocktails for Your Summer Hangout

Glass Jar Cocktails for Your Summer Hangout can range from quick and easy to more varied for your guests' varied taste. Grab cocktail jars and try out one of these recipes.
May 26, 2020

Honey Lemon Marmalade in a Jar for Beekeepers

Are you a beekeeper who not only harvests honey but creates specialized honey products? Maybe you’re a shop owner who makes various food items and would like to try something new. Then how about a twist on the modern brunch fruit preserve spread with a pretty sweet honey marmalade infused with lemon?
May 18, 2020

DIY Memorial Day Jar Lanterns

These Memorial Day jar lanterns are simple yet special crafts to salute our nation’s fallen soldiers.
May 6, 2020

Tissue Paper “Stained Glass” Jars DIY for Mother’s Day

Nothing says, "I love mom" like handcrafted, easy to make stained glass jars. Try this DIY project with your children this Mother's Day.
April 27, 2020

Snore Stopper in a Jar

Snore stopper in a jar is a DIY snore relief with all natural oils to stop snoring, allergy relief, and cold relief.
April 6, 2020
Coconut Cream Pie in a Glass Jar

How to Make the Perfect Easter Brunch Setting with the Help of Glass Jars

With everyone currently spending time at home, what better opportunity than to bring the annual Easter Day brunch at the family’s favorite restaurant to you instead this year? Whether you hold the festivity indoors or trek outdoors, make it the best with some great event décor and creations, all made with glass jars. Easter bunny centerpieces, tulip arrangements, and cream pieces await.
March 30, 2020
Spring cleaning with lost pennies piggy banks

Spring Cleaning 101 with Glass Jars

Spring cleaning can be just as creative as it is efficient with the help of succulents in jars to freshen up a space, meal prepping and storage in storage jars, and D.I.Y. piggy banks for coins salvaged. Read on to see these original ways to spring clean.
March 17, 2020
Pot of Gold Mason Jar

4 Glass Jars to Show Your Stroke of Luck for St. Patrick’s Day: 4 Glass Jar Gifts & Crafts

Sometimes we need more than good luck. Sometimes we need a pot of gold creation in a jar or a nice cake parfait to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the best way. Read on to see original crafts and gift in jar creations that you can recreate yourself in honor of this holiday.
February 19, 2020
Glass Jar with overnight oats


Overnight oats have become the new, trendy breakfast option sweeping the internet. As you look for new ways to stay healthy this new year, overnight oats may be something to consider. But, are they worth the hype?
November 20, 2019

DIY Christmas Jar Crafts for Grandparents

Every grandparent loves homemade gifts made with love by their grandchild. Glass jars make a great base for homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents. Check out these great glass jar Christmas craft ideas.
October 22, 2019
Hot Chocolate in a Jar

How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate in a Jar Gift

An individual hot chocolate gift can be perfectly customized for your friends and family. Make the gift unique to you by providing a great recipe served up in a glass jar adorned with holiday-themed decorations.
October 2, 2019

Eight Great Glass Jar Halloween Crafts

Looking for a way to store your Halloween candy haul? Interested in creating one-of-a-kind Halloween jar decorations for your home? Read on for a round-up of DIY Halloween jar ideas to suit all tastes and levels of craftiness.