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Some of our favorite uses for glass jars are canning, bottling, and food storage due to the impermeable nature of glass, which keeps outside liquids and other elements from getting within its container. Along with the low chemical reaction rate found in glass, this allows for the greater preservation of food. From 1.5 oz. to 32 oz., our food and canning jar selection goes beyond the standard smooth sided canning jars.

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We also offer different styles of jars, such as sauce bottles, jars with clamp lids, hexagon shaped jars, a 12 oz. Honey Bear jar, and more. Whether for personal use or for your canning or gift business, you can always rely on our glass jars and lids.

How do I know which canning jars are considered ‘wide mouth’?
Any canning jar that we carry that is considered as such will have “wide mouth” included in its name.

Do you carry any other canning supplies (liners, gaskets, clamps)?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not carry any other specific canning supplies.

How do I know which lid will fit this particular jar?
There is a drop-down box for all lids we carry which fit that particular jar. If there are no lids listed as an option below the jar, then we currently do not carry any lids to fit that jar.

For more information about choosing the right lid for your canning method, view our Lids page.

Need large food service and storage containers to store and mix before your food canning process?

Check out our parent company BASCO.