For a polished and refined look, glass storage jars are the best bet for stocking your shelves. Clamp top jars with lids are perfect for spices and ingredients, and our larger cookie jars are excellent for storing the treats that you bake. Whatever you may be storing, you are bound to find the size works for you. For a neat and tidy kitchen, or the beauty products in the bathroom, Jar Store vessels are sure to help you organize.

Storage Jars
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Glass Storage Jars for Easy Organizing

Our glass storage jars all feature various lid options including glass, metal and screw on lids, depending on the selected jar. Some of our smaller jars feature gaskets and metal locking Heremes clamps with silicone gaskets, which are great at keeping your items well sealed, clean, dry, fresh, and safe. Hermes storage jars are made of food-graded glass, which is non-toxic, odorless, and 100% BPA free.

Can I mix and match the colors of gaskets with the Heremes Clamp Jars?

Unfortunately, we cannot mix and the match the colors. The jars come in cases of 12 with 3 of each color.

Need bulk mixing for large product batches before you place them into your storage jars?

Check out our parent site BASCO