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DIY Memorial Day Jar Lanterns

These Memorial Day jar lanterns are simple yet special crafts to salute our nation’s fallen soldiers.

These Memorial Day DIY jar lanterns are the perfect way to honor and commemorate the fallen military personnel who served in the United States Armed Forces. They are creative yet venerating, one’s appreciation of these brave servicemen and servicewomen shown through the attentive handcrafting.


  • 3 Glass Jars. You can mix and match different styles and sizes. We firstly suggest 4 oz. Straight Sided Jars, which are perfect for holding tea light candles. A quality candle bowl like a 26.25 oz an work too for multiple candles and can operate as the strong, respectable centerpiece of this jar lantern DIY. Another great centerpiece option to match the image above is this 15.75 oz. Libbey Tapered Square. If you want to be extra patriotic, use jars that are made in the USA.
  • Paint. Acrylic or chalk paint should do. Choose the colors crimson red, white, and ocean blue.
  • Painters Tape
  • Foam Sponge Brushes or Paint Brushes
  • Star Stickers. These can found anywhere from Amazon to Michaels to the scrapbooking section at your local Walmart. With Independence Day approaching, it should be especially easy.
  • Tea Lights


Step 1

Make sure your jars are clean and dry first. Then apply the small star stickers. When the stickers are peeled off, they will create small empty spaces to allow light to peek through.

Step 2

Now, on to the painting. Pick out one of the jars that will have the largest star stickers and apply them to the jar as you see fit. Then paint it ocean blue. Once you are done, let the jar dry for some time then apply a second coat of paint.

Step 3

On to your other two jars. You’ll want to use the painters tape to create stripes like the ones that appear on the flag.

Step 4

Now use your crimson red paint and white paint. What you need to do is paint every other stripe on the two jars red, then paint the remaining stripes white. Let the jars dry.

Step 5

Begin peeling off the tape and stickers then add your tea lights to your jars.

And there you have it!

This is a simple yet special craft to salute our nation’s fallen soldiers. You can even place them outside on your front deck as a nighttime vigil.


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