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Jar Store’s MVP’s – Best Jars of 2021

At Jar Store we offer a wide selection of jars but some of them stood out in 2021. These top sellers flew off the shelves and shipped to you for all of your amazing creations.

We’re proud of how much we pay attention. Whether it’s the quality of our products, the shipments we send out, or which of our jars need some extra love and attention, you can rest assured that we’ve got a close eye on it.

One thing we also pay attention to is our MVP’s of each and every month. We watch to see which of our star players puts up the most numbers, so we can tell which of our high quality glass jars and accompanying lids are the most popular among you, our Jar Store customers!

Starting out the year strong, with no surprise, is our modern and stylish rose gold lid.

rose gold candle lid
Photo provided by Taking You There Candle Co.

As one of our personal favorite lids that we offer, it’s no shock to us that our customers in January felt the same way. It seems like for the past 5 or 6 years, rose gold has been dominating the market as one of the most popular options for colors when it comes to jewelry, phones, accessories, and apparently even candle lids!

Out of all of the different brands and styles of jars that we offer, our Libbey lineup is always topping the charts, so another no-brainer popped up in February with the 12.5 oz Candle Container.

12.5 oz Libbey Candle Jar

With a commonly used size for candles, and it’s minimalist and stylish design, the Libbey Candle Container dominated the charts in February, making it our #1 mover for the month. Pairing well with almost any kind of candle, lid, and aesthetic, the Libbey Candle Container was apparently an easy pick for the most romantic month of the year.

The Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Containers fly off the shelves whenever they’re available, making them a hot commodity for the candle-making scene.

Libbey Candle
Photo provided by Re-New-All Candle

Simple, and elegant, the Libbey Heavy Base Rocks jar is one of the most versatile jars that we offer. It’s also another option that is incredibly popular with candle-makers. These classically styled jars are simply perfect for anything from canning to candles, so we’re not surprised that they were our best seller jars in March.

Similar to the rose gold lid from January, our chrome lids also made the list!

Chrome Lid

With the same silhouette as our rose gold lids, but with a more low-key style, these chrome lids are the picture of style and the winners for April. While we would’ve paired rose gold with Spring and chrome with Winter instead of the other way around, sometimes these trends are hard to predict!

Fashion is cyclical, and that shows in May’s winner, the 11 oz Libbey Heavy Base Rocks jar!

candle making in glass jars

With their bigger sibling winning March, it’s no surprise that the 11 oz Libbey Heavy Base Rocks jar made the list! The same classic style, but in a smaller frame, these rocks jars are just as versatile as the larger variety. Keep an eye out for candles contained in these vessels lining shelves, because we can guarantee that they’re out there shining!

As some of the best jars for candles, these DOMINATED the Summer, the Libbey Universal Candle Tumbler took both June and July and ran with them!

At the farmer’s markets, county fairs, flea markets, and 4th of July parties, we can almost guarantee you probably saw one of these Universal Candle Tumblers this Summer, even if you didn’t notice! An easy pick for the small business owners, because these nicely sized jars fit almost any environment.

With their wide base, sleek style, and accommodating size, our 12.5 oz Libbey Status Jars are consistent chart-toppers!

Status jar empty

These status jars are the perfect choice for giving your candles a home. A lot of people decided to showcase their creativity in August by utilizing these crystal clear jars to package their products. These popular jars really prove that a unique style can pay off, since so many people seemed to appreciate their unique silhouette in August!

The younger sibling of March and May’s winners, the 8 oz Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Jar is the smaller, sleeker, version of the 11 oz and 13 oz versions from earlier in the list!

8 oz candle jar
Photo provided by Scripted Fragrance

The whole family made the list! With the 8 oz topping the charts in September, that makes every Libbey Heavy Base Rocks jar that we offer a top seller of 2021. We’re glad that everyone seems to love these so much, and we’re doing our best to keep a healthy stock available in 2022!

Another classically designed Libbey vessel makes the list!

12.5 oz Libbey Candle Jar

Simple and sleek seems to be the trend for 2021, with people seeming to gravitate towards these easy-on-the-eyes designs that don’t distract from the product contained within. Excellent for display, the Libbey Candle Container is perfectly crafted for multi-wick candles, and the minimalist fashion won’t draw the eye away from the real star of the show – your product inside.

The largest jar on the list, the 15 oz. Libbey Classic Apothecary Storage jar has a timeless look paired with an accommodating size!

15 oz
Photo provided by Misty Mountain Candle Soy Candles

With their flared lip and unique design, the glass apothecary jars are an excellent choice for display or even food storage. These are eye-catching jars that really stand out among the crowd, making for an exceptionally beautiful product presentation. In November, our Jar Store customers wanted a larger jar that would provide them with a rustic feel, perfect for the end of Autumn!

You really can’t go wrong with black – and this large black metal lid is living proof of that.

Black lid
Photo provided by Ol Factory Scent Studio

Simple, classic, and dark. The Pack Logix black lids were the top choice for December. Some may associate darker colors with months like October, or early November, but we think that black is the perfect option for the end of the year. Just like how it may contrast the white snow on the ground, the black metal lid will surely contrast the other products on the shelves, making yours stand out among the crowd.

The Overall Best Seller of 2021

Now, you may be wondering, of all of these products, which one was the overall best seller? Which one stood out above the rest consistently, and had the true top spot for the year?

The Pack Logix Rose Gold Metal Lid!

It was the best seller for January, and also the best seller overall for the whole year! While other products may have taken the top spot for months other than January, this stylish metal candle jar lid was always in the top three. Pairing excellently with floral scented candles, the rose gold color is seemingly a popular choice year-round. Truly timeless and exceptional, give it up for the Rose Gold Metal Lid!

2021 was a bit crazy in terms of stock, some of our jars were a little hard to get at times, but we’ve put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that we will have more stable stock in 2022. We want to thank all of our loyal Jar Store customers for sticking with us through the supply chain issues, we’re hoping for less disruptions in the coming months!

Were you surprised by these picks, or did you see them coming? Maybe you contributed by using one or more of these products in your own crafts! If you made your own candles, canned goods, or products and put them in these containers, we’d love to hear about it! Shoot us a picture on


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