Glossy white candle jar
13.2 oz White Glossy Libbey Candle Jar

13.2 oz White Glossy Libbey Candle Jar


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The 13.2 Oz white glossy Libbey candle jar stands out with its unique, shiny finish, creating beautiful reflections and tricks of the light that are stunning to the eye. The glass construction of the candle jar not only adds a sleek and modern look but also allows the warm light of the candle to shine through and create a beautiful glowing effect. Moreover, the 13.2 Oz size of the  jar is perfect for those who want a candle that can create a longer-lasting ambiance, fitting a wax weight of 10.5 oz, for your larger-sized candles. Overall, these white glossy candle jars make for a stunning addition to décor that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room. It truly creates a beautiful reflective effect that enhances the ambiance of any living space.

Wax weight: 10.5 oz

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Weight 0.583 lbs
Dimensions 3.3 × 3.3 × 4.1 in

White Glossy Opaque


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