13 oz. Jar Store Amber Candle Jar


If you’re looking for a gorgeous, all purpose glass container, you can’t go wrong with an amber candle jar. With their straight sided frame, these dark amber candle vessels are ideal for affixing labels, making them the perfect containers for showing off your products and presenting a unique aesthetic. Rustic and classic, these jars feature a silhouette that perfectly complements almost any atmosphere. Whether you’re displaying your products in a modern and minimalistic setting, or a more “intentionally cluttered” space, a simple amber jar will fit nicely among the rest of the decorations that you choose.

Height: 3.54″
Diameter: 3.58
Wax weight: 10.4 oz

BPA and Lead Free, compliant with California Prop 65

Common Uses for the Amber Candle Jar

How our customers like to use this Candle Jar:
  • Candle making – Don’t worry about sacrificing function for fashion, because this jar’s unimpeded straight sides will allow for wax to burn evenly and uniformly, making this one of the best amber jars for candles
  • Edible creations – The slightly opaque hue to the amber candle jar will provide a little bit of extra protection for your homemade goods

Suggested Label Dimensions for This Jar

Labeling your jar is an excellent way to create a unique brand. Our recommended label sizes are listed below, but experiment with dimensions to find the perfect label for your application!

  • Full-wrap around label – 3″H x 11.24″L
  • Half-wrap label – 3″H x 5.62″L
  • Quarter-wrap label – 3″H x 2.81″L

Additional information

Weight .583 lbs
Dimensions 3.58 × 3.58 × 3.54 in

13 oz


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