14 oz. Libbey Candle Bowl


Our attractive 14 oz. Libbey Candle Bowl is the perfect vessel for multi-wick candles that are bright and long burning. This versatile candle bowl creates numerous opportunities for other crafty and edible creations.

Sold in cases of 12
Height: 2-1/2”
Diameter: 4”
Base: 4”
Top: 4”
Wax weight: 10 oz.

Due to high demand, material and labor shortages caused by Covid-19, and transportation delays, this item may be out of stock. We are actively sourcing product and look forward to continuing to grow our business together.

(5 customer reviews)

Out of stock

Additional information

Weight 0.5584 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 in

5 reviews for 14 oz. Libbey Candle Bowl

  1. Jayme (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! Simply gorgeous and sleek. Excellent product and lightning-fast shipping as well!

  2. medik157 (verified owner)

    These are beautiful and easy to triple or double wick.

  3. angelsouzauk (verified owner)

    Ok. Beautiful looking. Wide for your candles. The bottom is not flat so a lot of wax/fragrance waste at the bottom. Also glass is not thick nor thin. But some customer were anxious about buying this. So we won’t buy again. 🙁

  4. angelsouzauk (verified owner)

    Changed my mind. These ones are great!!! Perfect size a d to be part of a collection. And shipping is so cheap. Thanks JarStore.

  5. Jasmine Mccleoud (verified owner)

    Love these jars !! Just wish I had tops to match !! But I did get dust covers to account for not tops being available when I purchased!!

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