16 oz Jar Store Salsa Jar

16 oz Jar Store Salsa Jar


With their clear glass walls and wide mouth openings, these spacious jars are the perfect vessel for luxury gifts, packaging foods, or even candles! Featuring a flat, straight side, these classically styled jars are excellent for affixing labels. Picture your homemade goods lining shelves, labels out, stored quaintly in these absolutely gorgeous containers. Whatever you may be packaging, these glass jars will provide it with a classic Americana style, for the homey feeling that you’re looking for.

Sold in cases of 6

Height: 4.45″
Diameter: 3.32″
Label Panel: 2.56″
Finish Size: 83-405 or 82-2040
Wax weight: 12.8 oz

Additional information

Weight 0.646875 lbs
Dimensions 3.39 × 3.39 × 4.45 in

16 oz


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