19.6 oz. Libbey Wynwood Candle Jar | 30 Pack


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To fill a room with a welcoming fragrance and air of elegance, there is no better option than a three-wick candle jar. With a wide frame and solid, pressed glass, this large candle jar is designed to handle an exceptional amount of wax, making it perfect for heavier candles with a long life and burn-time. Featuring a modern, minimal design, this vessel will allow for a beautiful presentation without distracting from the gorgeous candle contained inside. Take your fragrances up an extra notch, try out the Wynwood three-wick candle jar.

Sold in cases of 30
Height: 3.7”
Diameter: 4”
Base: 4”
Top: 4”
Wax weight: 15.68 oz.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in

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3 reviews for 19.6 oz. Libbey Wynwood Candle Jar | 30 Pack

  1. kmwisinski (verified owner)

    Note that these jars have what appears to be parting lines (the line of a molded component where the two different sides of the mold come together) across from one another. These lines are visible and can be felt. It’s a nice heavy jar, but the lines are a distraction.

    • David Morgan

      Hello! We’re sorry that you were disappointed by the seam in the jar. We hope that you were still able to be satisfied with these jars, and if not, maybe a different one will work for your application.

  2. thecypressbridgecompany (verified owner)

    I don’t know what the last person to rate these was talking about! WE LOVE THESE!!! Plus we got cheap shipping the first couple times and free shipping the next AND they were cheaper the third time!! You get 30!!!
    No lids, but my customers do not care! They get a huge candle for a great price because cheap$ (but quality) jar, no lid cost, and basically free shipping!
    Cypress Bridge Candle Co

  3. Ashley Martin (verified owner)

    This jars are great. Do you have lids that would work with these jars?

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