4 ounce jar
4 oz. BASCO Straight Sided Jar
November 12, 2020
4 oz French Square Bottle
4 oz. BASCO French Square Bottle
November 12, 2020
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2 oz. BASCO French Square Bottle

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When you’re looking for the perfect shelf display in a unique, elegant way while also maximizing such shelf space, our sister company BASCO’s 2 oz French square glass bottle achieves just that with chamfered edges and rounded corners. With its size, it is the chic sample bottle that you’ve been looking for to showcase your fragrances, paints, condiments, extracts, and oils. Showcase your spices, herbs, syrups, and other food products with immense clarity in this flint glass bottle that has high refractive quality, heaviness, and durability suited to hold aforementioned products that can withstand light. French square glass bottles keep products pure in their innately impermeable material that is FDA compliant with a low chemical reaction rate to preserve product flavor and smell. French squares are also easily recyclable. The 2 oz square glass bottle has a 28-400 neck finish.

Matching screw caps at BASCO: SKU 28-400RMWF217 and SKU 28-400PH

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