32 oz canning jar
32 oz. Flint Glass Mayo Jar
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32 oz. Flint Glass Mayo Jar

From: $1.40

The perfect option for home DIY’s, these versatile jars can be used for almost any variety of projects. Whether you’re making your own candles, canning your homemade recipes, or just organizing your home, these classically styled mason jars will make for a dapper addition to your collection. With their large mouth opening and spacious capacity, these 32 oz. glass jars are the best choice for containing small products, whether for long-term storage or for a unique and rustic permanent display. These screw-top glass jars are excellent options for canning, and they’re uniquely suited to both liquids and solids, making them an excellent choice for jams, jellies, and other homemade delicacies. With their classic regular mouth style, you can’t go wrong with these jars, whether they’re for display, packaging, or just storage at home.


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