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9 oz. Anchor Cross-Hatch Rocks Glass

From: $2.05 each

Take your next catering event to the next level with this 9 oz. Anchor Cross-Hatch Rocks Glass! This glass features an attractive cross-hatch design that will beautifully fit in with your upscale table setting or casual environment. It will help to showcase your liquor and other drinks attractively, so you can create an aesthetically appealing beverage service for your customers. This 9 oz. rocks glass is the perfect piece for serving up liquor on the rocks, old fashioneds, and your favorite cocktails. The soda-lime glass construction of the 9 oz. Anchor Hocking Cross-Hatch Rocks Glass creates a pleasing weight for the glass, while the thick, stable base minimizes its chances of tipping. The rounded profile of this glass ensures durability by eliminating rim-to-rim contact.

Sold in cases of 12

Diameter: 3 3/10″
Height: 3 1/2”

Wax weight: 7 oz

Made in the USA

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