How to Make the Perfect Easter Brunch Setting with the Help of Glass Jars

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How to Make the Perfect Easter Brunch Setting with the Help of Glass Jars

Coconut Cream Pie in a Glass Jar

With everyone currently spending time at home, what better opportunity than to bring the annual Easter Day brunch at the family’s favorite restaurant to you instead this year? Whether you hold the festivity indoors or trek outdoors, make it the best with some great event décor and creations, all made with glass jars.

We looked all around for some quality glass jar creations and décor, and in our opinion, nothing beats these for their casual elegance. They represent the Easter spirit well.

For the Table

Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Painted eggs and bunnies are the creative center of Easter, right? So why not make them the centerpiece on your table setting? Easily create a neat D.I.Y. centerpiece like one from Better Homes and Gardens with some trays, a hand-painted gold Easter bunny or maybe a few nice porcelain ones, chocolate candy eggs or oblong jelly bean candies, and actual robin eggs that you can dye and decorate however you see fit. You can really diversify this centerpiece. Throw the candy eggs in a round glass dish and place some tea tree candles in a glass jar, like a 3 Ounce Libbey Votive-Jigger,  for an instant elegant touch. If you’re looking to be more fun with your flair, why not put the candies in some tall 64 oz storage jars too with some decorated sugar cookies made by your little ones placed on a dish?

For the Ambience

Tulip Water Arrangement

Credit: Bobbi Shannon says, “You can still be creative while social distancing!”

Here is another refined glass creation from that can work as either a table centerpiece or an ambient piece to go around.

All you need to do is grab some fresh tulips from either your favorite local nursery or gift shop (like our content contributor Bobbi Shannon did thanks to Tammy Allen from Dwellings), grocery store, or your own backyard if you’re a gardener. Then get various clear glass containers-big, small, or tall like this 24 Ounce Libbey Hydration Bottle. Such a size provides the perfect length for adding in a full flower. Drop in a small lit candle or two for an added touch of class. Then place it on a decorative tray or in a crate for the same unique Southern, rustic look that Bobbi achieved. She found a vintage cheese box on eBay.

Bobbi Shannon sent Tammy Allen a photo of a desired arrangement look and Tammy photo-matched her colors. Bobbi was able to pay over the phone and pick up her order on the store’s porch. No contact was required!

For the Dessert

Coconut Cream Pie in a Jar

Coconut Cream Pie in a Glass Jar
Credit: Crazy for Crust

It’s brunch, one of the more unstructured meals, so you can make up your own menu. Try out this sweet treat from Crazy for Crust by way of CountryLiving that is made of pudding, coconut pudding to be exact.

If you’re a baker, then this jar creation is all you. Grab a quality food and canning jar, coconut flakes, and candy, then put it all together with your typical baking ingredients according to the rules of the full recipe here.

Now, with some ideas to go off of, either recreate them or make your own version, and share your finished product on IG with the tag #jarstore. And good luck!

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