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Spring cleaning with lost pennies piggy banks

Spring Cleaning 101 with Glass Jars

Spring cleaning can be just as creative as it is efficient with the help of succulents in jars to freshen up a space, meal prepping and storage in storage jars, and D.I.Y. piggy banks for coins salvaged. Read on to see these original ways to spring clean.

Who says that spring cleaning can’t be about more than just one’s physical living space? It can also apply to one’s headspace and overall being-mind, body, and spirit. And be efficiently creative too!

Here are some different ways you can jump start this process with the help of some jar crafts, gifts in jars, and storage vessels.

1. For Revitalizing the Air: Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Credit: The Golden Sycamore

Nothing says clean like some fresh plants in fresh soil. Coming from The Golden Sycamore by way of RealSimple, these jar creations are indeed really simple in conception and in final form.

All you need are supplies of soil (and optional rocks), wide and tall planting jars like a 31 Ounce Libbey Classic Apothecary Storage Jar, and some pastel colored paints in the traditional Easter hues of pale yellow, spring green, light pink, and soft violet. About three jars should do the trick.

From there, head on over to the full step-by-step provided here.

2. For Meal Prepping: Food Canning Jars

This suggestion comes from Amy New Nostalgia and is super quick and easy, but well-organized.

Organize your salad ingredients (or even your other meal items) with some good 16 ounce canning jars and paired jar lids that can hold your various food constituents like broccoli florets, chopped tomatoes, and more.

Spring cleaning is a time to reboot your abandoned New Year’s aspirations and goals. If one of those goals was about improving your eating habits with the help of better meal preparation, then these storage jars can help you get back aligned. Even cooler, you can put the entire salad in one jar if you’d like in a layered fashion with the salad dressing at the bottom so that the salad can stay good in the fridge for a few days.

The canning jars additionally work for batches of dry goods that you want to organize a bit better in your kitchen space and more easily access rather than the packaged boxes and bags they come in. Easier product scooping makes for easier and quicker cooking.

3. For Building Your Children’s Savings: DIY Piggy Banks

Credit: Fireflies and Mud Pies

All of those lost and found pennies and other loose change you’ll discover after sweeping through your floors, dressers, and couches have to go somewhere, right? Better yet, children can be lured into helping out with these creative options with the various designs that you can set up. All you need is a good 16 ounce Mayo jar and a lid that is slit for coins to drop into and you instantly have a piggy bank. Check out the ideas drafted up by Fireflies and Mud Pies or even just as your child what kind of character piggy bank he or she wants!

This is the perfect way to set your child up on a weekly chores allowance too as a spring cleaning revamp for everyone in the household.

If your children are a bit older or you want to take an even higher financial focus with their piggy banks, Say Yes has a very organized and clean D.I.Y. piggy bank to get the job done.

Credit: Say Yes

The supplies you’ll need are the following:

  • Mason jars like this 16 ounce Anchor canning jar
  • Lids that have been slotted or regular jar lids that you don’t mind cutting (use a knife or razor blade if so)
  • Small pig figurines
  • Hot glue gun
  • Letter stickers
  • Spray paint
Credit: Say Yes

Head over to their full visual breakdown of how to create this piggy bank for yourself or just follow these directions.

1. Using the letter stickers, form three following words on each of the three jars respectively: SPEND, SAVE, and COLLEGE.

2. Spray paint the glass jars and jar lids with the spray paint.

Step 3: Let the jars and lids dry completely. If you need to, apply another coat of spray paint. Then peel off the stickers.

Step 4: Follow this step if you opted to slot the jar lids yourself. Slot the jar lids with a good cutting knife or razor blade.

5. Hot glue the pigs to the top of your slotted jars.

And all set!

You can even veer off into your own path like one of our contributors Etsy crafter Emily Luvera did below. You can also find her on Instagram.

“We Can Do It” Piggy Banks
Credit: Emily Luvera

Now, with some ideas to go off of and wholesale glass jars at your service, either recreate them or make your own version, and share your finished product on IG with the tag #jarstore. Happy cleaning!


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