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Tissue Paper “Stained Glass” Jars DIY for Mother’s Day

Nothing says, "I love mom" like handcrafted, easy to make stained glass jars. Try this DIY project with your children this Mother's Day.

Since all of the kiddies are looking for things to do right now after time of play outside and homework, why not have them engage in a fun arts and crafts activity that is also a cool conception for you mothers out there?

Credit: Emily Luvera

Our crafting contributor Etsy creator Emily Luvera and her children produced some pretty neat DIY tissue paper “stained glass” jars that achieve their effect with simple paper mache.

Do you want to know how to make stained glass jars? The steps are simple and quick so that you can make up a few of these glass lanterns yourself with the young children in your homes.


Tissue paper cut into shapes

Foam brush

Any size and type of glass jar you like. We suggest a quality 9 oz straight sided glass jar with a lid that is perfect for craft projects due to its versatility.

An optional candle to place inside of the finished glass jar to act as a lantern.

Mod Podge or even good ole fashioned Elmer’s glue


Step 1

Mask off an area on the glass jar that looks like the shape of a heart.

Step 2

Cut up squares of tissue.

Step 3

Apply mix of glue and water (approx. 50/50) to jar. With the foam brush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the glass, fully coating it.

Step 4

Apply tissue paper shapes onto the jar and smooth it out with your foam brush. We suggest that you work in small areas since the Mod Podge dries quickly.Add tissue until desired coverage is reached.

Step 5

Once the jar surface is filled with tissue paper, brush another layer over the top of the tissue paper. This seals the paper, strengthens it, and makes it water resistant to last well long after Mother’s Day!

Step 6

Remove the masked off heart area and let the DIY glass jar dry completely.

Step 7

Drop in a candle if you’d like for an additional touch.

And that is how to make stained glass jars DIY. Enjoy!

Looking for another DIY glass jar gift for Mom that’s similar in approach using masked off areas?

How about a photo collage of your children, crafted by your children, that can work as an office supplies holder or a flower vase?


Paints like acrylic for faster drying

Paint brush

Any size and type of glass jar you like. We suggest a  9 oz straight sided glass jar with a lid since the flatter side of such jars allow more surface area for multiple photos.

Blue painter’s tape, but any tape should do

Photos of your children cut to desired size


Step 1

Mask off an area on the jar in the size and shape of your desired photo(s).

Step 2

Have your children paint the jars anyway they’d like. Get creative! Then let the jars dry.

Step 3

Peel off the masked area.

Step 4

Apply the photo(s) with suggested blue painter’s tape.

As Luvera explains, “We used an HP Sprocket printer, but any printed photo cut to the desired size works. We also used blue painter’s tape for the rectangle masks as it lined up well with the photo sizes.”

Now you can see your little ones all throughout your day whether at your home office or your one at the physical job!

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