The Seven Best Fall Candle Scents

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The Seven Best Fall Candle Scents

Autumn Candles
Autumn Candles

Whether your perfect fall day involves hayrides and apple picking or cozying up by a fire with a hot pumpkin spice latte, there’s a lot to love about the autumn season.

One way to embrace the fall season year-round is by burning candles that bring those autumn days into your home 365 days a year. Craft your perfect fall candle by taking inspiration from one of these time-honored autumn candle scents.  

1. Apple

Freshly harvested apples are a perfect choice as a fall candle scent. Each variety of apple has a slightly unique scent, providing endless opportunities to personalize the scent to your unique tastes. 

While the scent of freshly harvested apples is perfect on its own, apples can easily be combined with other fall scents to really highlight the season. Try combining apples with cinnamon for a yummy pairing that will bring back memories of baked apples straight from the oven. Adding additional spices such as nutmeg, cloves or allspice could even bring out the smell of a freshly baked apple pie. 

For a sweeter scent, try creating a caramel apple candle. Adding the scent of warm, burnt caramel and a bit of vanilla should bring out this county fair classic. 

2. Pumpkin

Whether carved or freshly harvested from the field, pumpkins can be found nearly everywhere during autumn. While a simple pumpkin scented candle is a great way to celebrate the season, like apples, your pumpkin candles can be taken to the next level with the addition of a few baking spices. Adding pumpkin pie spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves as well as a little vanilla can bring out the scents of a warm pumpkin pie. 

For some, it isn’t the autumn season until coffee shops start selling pumpkin spice lattes. Adding espresso to your pumpkin pie spice combination will create a candle version of this modern classic, this time without the calories. 

For a spookier take on a pumpkin candle, try out a jack-o-lantern scent! Just a touch of smoke or roasted pumpkin scent should help make it seem like your jack-o-lantern has been glowing on the porch for hours.

3. Halloween Candy

No tricks! Many Halloween traditions can be a great inspiration for fall candle scents. 

For the ultimate treat, try re-creating your favorite Halloween candies through candle scents. For example, an Almond Joy can be adapted into a candle by combining the scents of chocolate, almond and coconut. A peanut butter cup just needs the smells of peanut butter and chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

To really amplify the spooky spirit, create a candle based on a candy that is the epitome of Halloween: candy corn! Get started with either a pre-made candy corn scent or try your hand at mixing your own. That super sweet scent is often made by combining marshmallow, vanilla and caramel. 

Once you’ve nailed the scent, you can’t ignore those classic stripes! Help your candles look the part by creating layers of yellow, orange and white that mimic the look of the candy itself.


4. Thanksgiving Dinner

While Thanksgiving may only come once a year, you can enjoy the smells of that delicious dinner any time of year! The sights, smells and tastes of Thanksgiving are perfect inspiration for autumn candle scents.

An easy place to get started with Thanksgiving-inspired candles are the fruits and vegetables of the meal. Pumpkin pie is an obvious choice, but don’t forget about the cranberry sauce! Cranberries smell slightly more tart than other berries, which may appeal to those who find typical berry-scented candles a little too sweet.

While pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce are great fall candle scent choices, they might not scream Thanksgiving dinner on their own. Have a little fun by creating scents based on more savory dishes, such as turkey, stuffing, or green bean casserole. 

5. Autumn Air

Nothing signals that fall is here more than the beautiful rainbow of colors seen as trees lose their leaves. Embrace the crisp fall air with a candle that brings out the smells of a walk through those crunchy leaves.  

For an autumn air scent, start by combining a mixture of tree scents, such as walnut, pine or oak to create your own forest in a jar. Next, add a bright, refreshing scent, such as eucalyptus, to replicate the feel of the crisp, cooling air.

Another way to bring out that fall feeling in this candle scent is to add spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg. You can also add apple to replicate the feeling of walking through an apple orchard that’s ready for harvest.  

6. Warm Sweaters

During the cool months, a warm candle can be just as comforting as a cozy sweater. But what’s even better? A candle that’s scented like a cozy sweater!

To bring out that sweater weather scent, a mixture of herbal and musky scents should do the trick. Try combining flower scents, such as rose, jasmine or orchid with warming scents such as vanilla or bergamot. Create your own combinations until you end up with a scent that is just as warming as a soft cashmere sweater.

7. Bonfire

Dropping temperatures are the perfect time to heat up a campfire! Even if it gets a little too chilly outside, a bonfire-scented candle can bring the fun inside. Once you’ve perfected your own smoky scent, try using a wooden wick so your campfire candle crackles and pops just like a real bonfire!

What’s even better than a basic bonfire? Roasting marshmallows over an open flame! Just add marshmallow scent or create smores by adding the scents of chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers to your crackling fire for a fun fall treat.

Ready to make your own fall scented candles? We can help! Check out our candle making 101 guide for tips to get you started.  

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