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DIY Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

These tissue dispensers are a cute but simple way to upcycle your mason jars. These are excellent to elevate your decorations or to gift teachers, friends, and more.

Paint these jars in any color of your choice and add a vinyl decal on top to make it extra special.


• Mason Jar(s)
• Tissues (suggested: Kleenex Facial Tissues Perfect Fit)
• Craft Felt
• Glue
• Paint (optional)
• Vinyl decal (optional)

Mason Jar Kleenex Holder
Image credit: Day to Day Adventures

Easy to Make in Just 5 Simple Steps:

1. Clean and paint jar (optional)
2. Cut a 2.5″ circle of felt and cut an X in the center
3. Glue the felt to the jar lid
4. Fill jar with tissue, pull it through the felt, and screw on the lid
5. Add a vinyl decal if you’d like

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Tips and Tricks:

• Seal paint with polycrylic to avoid chipping
• Keep paint unsealed for a more rustic appearance
• If using spray paint, 2-3 light coats will help avoid drips
• Leather, cardstock, or cardboard can be substituted for the felt
• Create and cut your own design on a vinyl cutter or purchase decals from artists online (purchase the pictured “Bless You” design here)

If you make this project, please tag us and share how it turned out!


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