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Have a Winning BBQ Sauce? A Showstopping Tabletop Decor? We Want to Feature YOU! - featured canning jars, marinades, crafts, and more

Do you use jars for candle making, desserts, canning, marinades, D.I.Y. crafts, event decor, storage, or the like?

If so, we’d love to feature your blog, photos, and/or recipes!

Email us at with your name, photos of your jars, recipes, how-tos, etc. If you’re a blogger, send your blog link our way. Or you can tag us on Instagram at jar_store_  with hashtag #jarstoresubmission !

We’ll let you know if your content was chosen to be featured!
We look forward to featuring YOU in 2020!

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  1. Beverly Hill

    I love the company! Fast shipping and the jars are perfect for my business. Butterfly Memories are 30 day notes in a jar. They are encouraging notes to HOPEFULLY bring a smile to your face or replace a negative thought with a positive thought. I hope it helps you to slow down, breathe and remember to be thankful for everything you have and are blessed with. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.
    Thank you for taking such great care of us!
    Beverly H.
    Butterfly Moments

    1. David Morgan

      Hi Beverly, we agree! There really is always something to be happy about or thankful for :). Thanks for using Jar Store!

  2. Diana Jeffers

    Great Service and very nice people. Thank you for all your help. You definitely
    have a return customer.
    Merrywood Candles

    1. David Morgan

      Thank you so much, Diana! We try our best :).

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