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Welcome Discount Vials to the Family!

We're proud to announce that Discount Vials is joining our family! With their large selection of quality glassware, we think they'll fit in just fine with us. Take a look on, you just might find something that you like!

When it comes to glassware, we like to think that we know a thing or two, but that doesn’t mean that we can cover all of the bases alone. That’s where our partners come in. It’s no secret that BASCO handles the larger containers, like drums and pails, while we take care of the smaller, prettier stuff. While we excel in glassware like candle jars and home storage vessels, there are still a few niches that we don’t hit on Jar Store.

Well, now we can say that we’ve got access to those niches. Our friends at Discount Vials are now operating under the BASCO umbrella, meaning that we can vouch for their quality products and exemplary service.

What Does Discount Vials Offer?

Well, they offer discount vials, of course! Glass vials & bottles, scientific test tubesdropper bottles, and even perfume samplers can be found on It’s all fantastic, quality glassware that isn’t yet available on Jar Store, and it can be very useful for candle makers, artisans, and crafters!

The best part? Discount Vials offers free shipping on all orders over $100!

So please, join us in welcoming Discount Vials to our family, and take a look at their products to see if there’s anything that you might be able to use in your operation! (We think our Jar Store customers would LOVE their perfume samplers and dropper bottles for storing candle fragrances and sending samples!)


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